Submissions open from 2019-10-23 18:00:00 to 2019-10-25 18:45:00
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Hey ! Welcome to the first GrapeFruit Gamejam 2019,

a game jam where you'll be challenged to create a game in 48h following a theme

(which would be announced at the start of the jam.)

Everybody is welcome, beginners to expert, 10 years old to elders, there are no restrictions
You can do it alone, or in a group of 4 or less. If you do the jam in group, you'll be rated a little bit harder, because it's easier.
Everything should be done in the jam. Code, art, sound... you'll need to do everything by yourself ( you can still watch tutorials of course)
Not extreme gore, or any apologia of racisim, homophobia or any hate messages.
You'll have 45 extra minutes to publish your game

Be sure that the theme is going to be inexpected and original, the goal of this jam is for people to try things they never did, Experiment !!