Submissions open from 2019-12-20 19:00:00 to 2019-12-22 21:00:00
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Hey ! Welcome to the second GrapeFruit GameJam ! 

This December, I'll challenge you to create a game in 48h hours. 

Your game will be about the theme "??????????" that will be annonced at the start of the jam. 

EVERYTHING should be done in the jam ( arts, music, sound effect, scripts, 3d models) , or else it will be REMOVED from the submissions. 

You can participate in solo, or in a team of 3 people or less. 


What kind of things can I make my game in ?

Pretty much everything, Unity, OpenGl, html5, Flash, GameMaker studio, anything you can make a videogame out of.

Anything Prohibided ? 

No extreme gore, or any apologia of racisim, homophobia or any hate messages. Let's be kind and nice.

Can I go to forums or watch tutorials ? 

Yes, you can ask anyone for help or watch videos, but don't copy paste in to your game, at least copy it by hand. Don't forget, everything should be done is the jam.

Last words ?

You'll have 2 hours of extra to build, bug test and publish your game. Use this time carefully, be sure your game is "finished" and the build it and playtest it !
Last time more than 80 poeple joined and 15 games were made, let's break that ! 

The Theme is going to be original and inexpected, the goal of the jam is to try new things, go out of your confort zone ! The last one was "level design out of context".

check the last gamejam :

Join the Discord ! We are very nice you know.