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The unofficial Steven Universe Grandle Jams game jam!

What is this?
This annual game jam is devoted to making games that promote and celebrate Rebecca Sugar's amazing Cartoon Network show Steven Universe, as well as any respectful derivative works.
"Welcome to a wonderland of funtronic gameventions!"
The Grandle Jams
The Grandle Jams

What am I making again?
Herein,  'games' may refer to entertainment software, physical card games, or physical board games. (Physical games shall be provided as printable files for the enjoyment of all.) Steven Universe is a TV show that promotes diversity, tolerance, and acceptance. Grandle Jams is a parody of that show's theme song. A game about any of that would be great.

The jam starts on Pi Day because Steven loves puns.
It ends one second before April Fools' Day because Steven ain't no fool!
"Fool me four times, you already fooled me, and you can't fool me again."
There are no winners because games are art, and art is subjective.
There will be a vote though, to encourage people to play all the games. Consider these votes "Pearl Points". ;)

Do I need a team? A theme? A certain program or language or OS?
Nope! But you can have a team if you want. And an optional theme has been posted to the forum.
Making games is an experience! Make sure that it's a good experience. Now... GO. HAVE. FUN!
And remember to post your game to Release Announcements when you're done! ;)

(All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners. Steven Universe is a trademark of Cartoon Network. This jam is not affiliated with CN or the crewniverse. It's been a couple of years since CN held a game jam, and I feel the time has come again! It is hereby advised that games even referring to IP should be released under the public domain, CC0, or another copyright-free license.)

(Cover image by Mr Young Tae. Gem Glyph Font by Steven Multiverse.)

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Now you can add mystery and flair to your game with Homeworld-style Glyphs!
A proof of concept for a potential SU-inspired Archon clone...