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This jam shows games that were created during the Gr8ArtGames Gamejam series, organized by Goethe-Institute in cooperation with Maschinen-Mensch. Eight Political Artgames from all across the world until the end of 2018.

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A game about violence in the household and how it affects a family.​
Ideologies that spread region of the world transforming the future of humanity
RUN with the love of your life for your freedom.
Liberarse consiste en poder crear y transformar colectivamente nuestras condiciones de existencia (Marina Garcés)
Una célula debe unirse con otras diferentes para llegar a su destino.
Juego es ayudar a erradicar temores y prejuicios así como los estereotipos originados por la migración.
The main goal is to touch an avatar inviting him to take part of our ideological position.
Comportamiento de masas donde el individuo debe influenciar a otros y formar un grupo para sobrevivir.​
Create a diverse community of individuals with unique abilities to help each other progress.
Un juego de decisiones que funciona con cartas.
A simulation game for Facebook Messenger where the players run for the presidency of fictional countries.
A two player competitive game where babies try to outcry each other to gain their mother's attention.
A Journey of self-discovery and introspection.
Is the story of a politician who lies, steals, run away and ends up in jail
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