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THEME: Speed

Top 5 overall winners of the previous jam. View previous results Jam is the opportunity for you to make a game using the Godot Engine over the course of two weekends (ten days). is a free site that is optimized for games made in the Godot Engine. Using to upload your game is encouraged but not required!

All are welcome to participate!

THEME: Speed

๐Ÿ’ก Make the Game ๐Ÿ’ก

1. Download the Godot Engine.
2. Come up with a game idea related to the theme that is announced when the jam starts on this page and our Discord.
3. Make your game, learn a lot, and have fun!

Need help with Godot? See the official Godot documentation, the official Godot Discord server and other official Godot communities.

๐ŸŽฎ Participate ๐ŸŽฎ

Note: The jam goes on over two weekends (ten days). To see how much time is left, see the counter at the top of this page.

1. Click the Join jam button above.
2. When the jam starts, start making your game according to the theme!

1. Before the jam ends, export your game and upload it to It is recommended to export your game with the HTML preset.
2. Download the embed file in the advanced section in your game's dashboard on

1. To submit your uploaded game to this jam, click the Submit your project button above on this page, then click the Upload game button in the popup.
2. You are now editing your game jam submission. Fill in your game's details. You only have to fill in your Title and set Kind of project to HTML. It is strongly recommended to add an image with the Upload Cover Image button.
3. Click the Upload files button further down that page to  upload the embed file you got from
4. Click the Save & view page button at the bottom. Don't worry, clicking it won't submit your game yet.
5. You now see your game run in a new page, but it is hidden from the jam. Click the DRAFT button at the top to go back to the previous page so you can edit your game again.
6. At the bottom of the game edit page, set Visibility & access to Public. Finally, click the Save button at the bottom of that page to submit your game!

Play and rate:
After the jam ends, click the above Submissions tab on this page to play and rate submitted games for three days.

Don't forget to play the other participants' games and rate them!

Everyone can rate games, so make sure to invite your friends to play and rate the games!

๐Ÿ† Win ๐Ÿ†

After the rating period ends, the top-rated game of each rating category wins $20! ๐ŸŽ‰

The categories are:
 Did you enjoy playing  the game?
Look. Did the game's visuals look good? Did they fit the game?
Sound. Did the game have good music and sound effects? Did they fit the game?
Originality. Did the game stand out?
Theme. Did the game follow the theme?

The prize is distributed via "donations" on Itch. To receive the prize, you must:
1. Set Pricing to "$0 or donate" on your game's edit page. This is the default.
2. Set up your seller account on Itch.

Games not adhering to the rules or the theme are not eligible to win prizes. You can make your own interpretation of the theme rather freely. If you are unsure if your game is adhering to the theme or have other questions, ask us on Discord!


* Have fun!
* Take breaks!
* Invite your friends! Everyone can play and rate the submitted games.
* Use the latest version of the Godot Engine.
* Avoid last-minute bugs by testing your game in the web player in time before the jam ends.
* Use the HTML export preset when exporting your game in the Godot Engine.
* If you are interested in winning prizes, set up your seller account beforehand.

Free game assets

2D 3D Audio UI (Recommended)
Superpowers Asset Packs by Sparklin Labs (aka Pixel Boy)

* Cartoony platformer by SethByrd
Animated 2D characters by Bevouliin

Textured models by Fertile Soil Productions
* Textured models by Mehrasaur
Animated 3D characters by Quaternius

Search Open Game Art for more.


* A majority of the code and assets in your game must be made during the jam. Using third-party asset packs is allowed.
* No NSFW, adult, or mature content.
* Your game must be made in the Godot Engine.
* Your game must follow the theme.
* You can collaborate with others freely. There is no limit on team size.


Join us on Discord.
* Download latest Godot Engine version
Official Godot documentation
Official Godot Discord server
* Official Godot communities

Got questions?

Join us on Discord!


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SPEED THIEF is a top-down cyberpunk runner where you're a speed hacker
Play in browser
A short classic wipe-out inspired racing game developed for the gotm-game-jam!
Play in browser
will you be able to overcome the training of a light traveler?
Play in browser
Your speed is your health, headbutt the skull into the goal to score. Can you defeat all dungeon mob teams?
Play in browser
Exit only opens when you have the correct speed
Play in browser
Multitasking. Block stacking. As simple as that. As difficult as that.
Play in browser
Asteroids with special relativity
Play in browser
StarFox-style shoot-em-up
Play in browser
armor or speed? choose whisely or die
Play in browser
F-Zero-like racing game
Play in browser
It's time to go to another planet.
Play in browser
Escape to survive. A game by Anagh's World.
Play in browser
Escape from the drones and kill them to obtain slow-motion mana
Play in browser
A jam submission
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Short jam game
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Escape from the deadly virus
Play in browser
Overtake as many vehicles as possible!
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