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A spin-off of the curated experiment of Antholojam, this is a game jam about short games with a golden age of sci-fi theme. Remember the short story anthologies published back in the 1950s? This is a lot like that! While antholojam is curated, this version is available for everyone who wants to make a game on this theme!


  • Games should be short (max 1hr playtime). Think short stories, but games. The games do not have to be narrative driven like a short story, but should make their point in under an hour of playtime.
  • Games should incorporate the theme of Golden Age of Sci Fi. Heinlein and Aasimov and and Campbell, oh my~
  • Games should not be shitty to people. Please don't be mean!
  • Game jam duration is a full month. 
  • I love you with all my cyborg heart. Beep boop.

Happy jamming!


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Sci-fi shooter in which you trick your enemies into shooting each other.
3rd Person Vehicle Section
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