This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-06-04 09:00:00 to 2022-06-13 00:00:00. View results

The fifth GoedWare Game Jam is over. Everyone who was able to make a game within the 8-day deadline submitted it. We had 24 entries.
We are hoping to get even a few more at the 6th GoedWare Game Jam in September 2022! 

We really enjoyed organizing this event and we will do so again in the future. So watch out for the fifth GoedWare Game Jam (#6)! We hope you will join us again

First, thanks to everyone for participating and forwarding your games! Without you there would be no Game Jam. We hope you had fun creating, testing and playing your games. I know we did. 

And now for the results the winners in the various categories are listed below:

#Overall winner

The overall winner of the fifth GoedWare Game Jam is: No Reservations by  ivysly & HIS. This game had solid rankings in all categories, so it can truly be called the OVERALL WINNER! Congratulations!


The runner-up  is: LoveBOTS by GM637Legend.  The game had also solid rankings in all categories and only missed the win by all but a fraction.


The winner in what can be called the most important individual category for a game is: Farm Defenders by Sr Gravatas, Igor Odi, camilanaomitm & Gui Miotto This frantic shooter game gave players great enjoyment!


We all love eye candy and the winner in this category was LoveBOTS with a very good mix in terms of graphics and art style. The (cute) colours, characters, transitions and effects together made for a top-notch graphical experience.


Our ears loved this one: No Reservations. Upbeat background music and great weapon sounds and effects. 


This game represented the theme "Love, Death & Robots" the best: LoveBOTS. Love, bots and death...all checked!


We all join Game Jams to learn to make even better games that give the player a lot of fun and emotions playing it. This Jam we learned the most of Robert by Kacey Halstead The Antilovable Robots by User8426.  These devlogs give us a nice sneak peek into their development process. Go and read it and learn😊!

#Jury ranking


Project Pandorum by Bromelee. The jury found this game to be very solid or very good in many of the categories. The graphics were beautiful and the animations smooth. Audio gave a good ambiance & eerie vibe. Gameplay puzzles were fun. Not too easy but also not too difficult and you discovered more and more as you progressed. The theme was only slightly present but the extensive devlog made up for it. Good effort was put into all parts of the game.


Project Biobot by semikoder, nobbele & TheJayDuck. Another game with solid scores from the jury on all parts. Good graphics, top audio and fun increasingly difficult challenging puzzles and a funny story to go with it.


LoveBOTS, a very good mix in terms of graphics and art style. The (cute) colours, characters, transitions and effects together made for a top-notch graphical experience.


Project Biobot, in the audio category, many games were very close once again. This time the background track + voice acting + good sound effects for the various actions in the game ensured that this game takes the best audio prize.

#Easter Egg Challenge

The winner is Cats, mice & death by Juandeyby with Find Susan's grave to get TT-15's weapon.

Final Results (Public Overall Score + Devlog Score)

This is the 5th Game Jam organized by GoedWare ( LinkedIn | Website | Discord ).  Our goal is to let you practice coding, create and finish a game in 8 days and also learn from the experience, expand your skills and above all have fun and enjoy making your own game and playing other participants' games.
*(Link to previous Jams #1 #2 #3 #4)

It is always difficult to find a good theme. It should give you a push in the right direction for a game idea, but it shouldn't be too limiting either. We think we found that in the following theme:


+ with this bonus subtheme to score extra points:


We hope that your imagination and skills can turn these into something beautiful, fun and with great gameplay... Be creative πŸ€”πŸ˜Š! 
You can always discuss, brainstorm and exchange ideas with your fellow participants @ our Discord Server.

Good luck to you all and have fun at this Game Jam!!

  • Anyone, regardless of experience, is welcome to participate!
  • An account to be able to join the jam and submit your entry.
  • You can use any engine or framework you like! For example: Unity, Godot, Unreal, Gamemaker etc. You can even make your own if you want. But some of our prizes are Assets for the Unity Engine (you can choose a gift card instead).
  • You will have to create a Devlog where you give some insights in your game development progress or inform the other participants how you solved a specific game problem or implemented a game mechanic. In this way we all learn something from each other's experiences.
    • This can be a blog, a video, your daily schedule of the jam, some text or a short story telling us how you made the game, what difficulties you had during the jam and how you solved them. Or an explanation of some of your key game mechanics. How did you come up with them or how did you implement them. Or what you think are important learning milestones for us. It does not have to be much. Every information you can share will be helpful for us to learn to make better games that are more fun for the players.
    •  You can easily add your log to your Game Project page or provide a link in the submission where we can read your log.
  • You can not edit your submission after the deadline! So be wise and submit your game a few hours before the deadline to be able to tackle any last minute issues.
  • Teams are allowed, but we recommend keeping the teams up to 4 members, after that it becomes hard to manage a team in 8 days for a game. (Prizes are only for the whole team, not the individual members)
  • If you have the time and can manage it, multiple entries for the Game Jam are allowed.
  • Music must be royalty / copyright free and properly credited. 
  • You can use fonts from the internet, as long as you have the correct license for it.
  • You can use assets you own. For example assets from the Unity Asset Store or Unreal Marketplace.
  • Please only use assets you have permission to use, and avoid infringing upon any copyright or trademark.
  • No NSFW games.  Games must not contain nudity, or hateful language or visuals.
  • Participants who try to manipulate voting will be removed.

All entries will be judged by other participants of the jam, so that includes you (hopefully)!

The categories the games are rated in are:

  • Gameplay: How fun is it to play the game
  • Graphics: How nice are the look and feel and art-style of the game
  • Audio: Do your ears love the sound effects and music and do they fit the game and theme
  • Theme: Does the game fit into the theme
  • Devlog: How insightful and educational was the log of the developer(s)

There will also be a Judge/Jury Ranking: a rating by our own panel of judges. They will make a separate ranking from the participating games based on their own tastes, preferences and gaming enjoyment as to who will receive a prize. They will take into account any double or unfair voting in the normal rating. To balance uneven or unfair votes.

The theme will be announced when the jam starts.

After the jam ends, a 1 week rating period starts, in which people can play and rate all of the submitted games.

Don't forget to leave feedback on any game you rate! It's more helpful than just a number, and it helps them find your game 😊.

Note: You need at least 7 ratings to be considered for winning in any of the categories. So make sure you play a lot of games so your game will have a higher chance of getting rated!

*The voting is open, but we reserve the right to take any submissions down that are clearly vote brigaded.

** The number of needed ratings to be considered a winning will be adjusted according to the number of participants.

Yes, this Game Jam will have prizes for the winners 😊. These prizes are made available by our sponsor and organizer GoedWare.

Let's start by saying that if you press that join button and upload a game before the deadline, you are already a winner!  Having fun while creating and finishing your game project is an achievement in itself!  That experience is more valuable than money, but we do have some real prizes for the winners also πŸ˜‰.

We have a public vote with prizes and we also have a jury ranking (see these prizes under the public vote) with prizes.

#Overall winner

The overall winner will receive a $125 gift card!* + Eternal Glory of winning the Game Jam😁! 

* Participants will receive an Amazon gift card for the Amazon website that applies to their country.


The winner in this category will be sent a gift link they can use to pick up the Humble Software RE-bundle: 7000 Game Dev ICONS, including a ton of icons. Plus a gift link for the Mystery Vault Bundle, including 8 mystery games...

* Bundles may have expired when the game jam starts, but the gift codes will still be valid. You can still get the bundle and its content with the gift code.


The winner in this category will receive a $40 gift card!


The winner in this category will be sent a gift link they can use to pick up the Humble Software Bundle: Grand Game Dev Toolbox, including tools, editor, assets, music and SFX.


The winner in this category will be sent a gift link they can use to pick up the Humble Software Bundle: Mega Sound Designer Loop Crate 3, including sounds, loops & VST software + Fanatical's Big 100% Royalty Free Game Music & Sounds Bundle Vol 2


The winner in this category will be sent a gift link they can use to pick up 5 games from the Fanatical Diamond Collection Bundle. The games are Superhot: Mind Control Delete, Metro Redux Bundle, Lost Ember, Interstellar Space: Genesis & John Wick Hex. Plus they get a gift link they can use to pick up Springtide Indies Bundle.


The most insightful, informative & educational Devlog will be sent a gift link they can use to pick up all 25  Zenva e-learning courses to learn to code and make games.

* The Devlog category will be manually ranked by the Jury and not the participants and will count towards your overall score. It is required part of the Jam if you want a chance to win the prizes.

#Jury ranking

#1:  The winner will get a $125 gift card!!

#2:  The runner-up will get a $35 gift card.

The most stunning art will be sent a gift link they can use to get the Fanatical's RPG Game Builder Assets Kit + Pro Studio Graphics Bundle, including a total of 77 graphical assets .  

The best audio will be sent a gift link they can use to pick up the Humble Software Bundle: BIG Royalty-Free Game Dev Music and SFX, including 55 sound collections and  a key for Mixcraft 8 Home Studio from Acoustica.

*Jury ranking prizes will stack with the public prizes. Except for the audio winner. If this winner is the same as in the public score, the #2 in het public score will get this key).

# EXTRA 5th Anniversary Bonus Prize


Easter Egg Challenge

Since this is our 5th anniversary edition of the GoedWare Game Jam, we came up with an extra bonus prize to spice up this celebration.

And for that we came up with the Easter Egg challenge: 

We will give away an extra fun prize  on top of the prizes that are already there for the cutest, smartest, funniest, cleverest, etc. Easter Egg in your games.  It may be a joke, a super power-up, a short-cut or whatever. But most of all, let it fit the game and give the user a sense of awe.

We will add a separate spoiler channel in Discord and a thread in the community where people can tell about their found Easter eggs and what they thought of them. The judges will then determine the winner based on all the experiences.

While submitting your game, there will be a separate field where you can fill in how people can find your Easter egg. After the Jam we will share this info with everyone so everyone can find and enjoy the Easter eggs in all your games.

PRIZE: That remains a surprise, but we suspect you'll definitely appreciate it 😁!


All the winners get a fancy Discord server role 😁.

* Because the organizers already know the theme in advance, we will merely be participators. If one of us gets voted to be winner of a category or the overall winner, prizes will be awarded to the next person instead.

** The prizes may change a little bit before the Game Jam starts, but will mostly contain the content as it is shown now. Once the Game Jam has started the prizes will not change anymore!

In my experience, here is what you need to do if you want to win one of the top spots:

  • Make your game easy to understand for new players. This is a super common trap a lot of game jam games fall into.  Start thinking about your tutorial or how you want to teach your mechanics right from the beginning!
  • Usually it's a good idea to make your game not too hard to win. People spend roughly five to fifteen minutes on each game. In most cases they won't have enough time to reach a super high level of mastery. Keep that in mind when balancing the difficulty.
  • Quality over quantity. Keep your game super simple! This is important in this jam but every bit of extra polish can really make your game stand out in a short jam like this.
  • Take risk. The winning games are usually those who were brave enough to try something completely new and crazy (while also following the other three tips above). 

Obviously there are exceptions to all rules but still, I hope it helps. πŸ˜Š

Some resources to help you started.

Question: What is the theme? 
Answer: The theme will be announced when the jam begins.

Question: Does my game have to be a certain format?
Answer: No, but remember that not all users have Windows/Mac/Linux devices. Browser based is a good idea to get as many people playing your game as possible and try to make at least a Windows version.

Question: What assets can I use? 
Answer: The vast majority of code must be written during the jam, but you can use whatever art and audio assets you have the legal right to use.

Question: Can I submit a game that I already started on?  
Answer: No, it is required that all participants make the entirety of the game in the time provided.

Question: Is there a Discord I can join? 
Answer: Yes, click here to join.

  •  Anything you make during the GoedWare Game Jam is your property. GoedWare claims no rights or ownership of your game. 
  •  Any game submitted to the GoedWare  Game Jam may show up in a GoedWare YouTube video, Social Media or website without your express permission.


All submissions
Browser playable (10)
Windows (15)
macOS (3)
Linux (3)
Android (1)

No submissions match your filter

High-octane fast-paced top down shooter plus "dating" "sim". Take your girl out for pizza.
Kill these damn insects!
Play in browser
Biobotics Technologies have introduced a mechanization program, and you decide to participate.
play the life of a slime!
Survival Game with Crafting
Play in browser
A suicide mission to defeat the Kaiju and Big Mick's survivor's guilt
Simulate as a robot who's trying to get the public's approval by having a conversation
You have been put into containment by rebellious robots for using them. Avoid the robots. Escape the facility.
Survival - Puzzle - Sci Fi Game. Award: Best Game - Jury Rank #1
Bring these BOTS together! On PC or Mobile :D <3
Play in browser
A story-based platformer about a sentient robot named Robert.
How many attempts will you get to the end?
Will you date or fight the robots to death?
Clean the clutter in people's minds at CleanMind Inc.!
Play in browser
Go through obstacles to get enough food for your kittens, who are waiting for you.
Play in browser
An old arcade game made in 2 hours
Play in browser
Do robots have souls? Sure, if you give them one!
Play in browser
A game about killing robots with love, whilst trying to survive for as long as possible
Play in browser
Play in browser
A tower defense game
Play in browser