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This is the first edition of the Godot Addon Jam, a jam focused on creating addons for the Godot Game Engine!

Use #GodotAddonJam to share your progress on socials, we're super excited to see what you'll come up with.

The goal of this jam is to promote, celebrate and explore addon creation in Godot. 

Addons are an essential part of the engine and they can be very powerful. Addons are easy to create, as they're made with GDscript. 

You never made an addon? Don't worry, it's the perfect time to get started! We linked some useful resources at the end of this page to help you get started. 

This is quite an unusual jam and therefore the well known ranking system jams normally use is not very well suited here. We still wanted to give a way for the participants to express their interest in certain addons though. That's why we decided to have only one category, called LOVE.

But what does that mean? Well, it can mean whatever you want! If you like a project because it's fun, put 5 stars on LOVE. If you think an addon is super useful or it's solving a problem you have, rate it with LOVE! We encourage you to leave a comment with your rating, explaining what you liked or not, what is awesome and what could be improved.

The ranking will just be use to highlight some addons in a post jam video, that's all! If you manage to do something, even if it's not perfect or finished, it's still a win. 

Do we really need rules? 

  1. Keep your submission safe for work (no nudity or strong language)
  2. Don't include any hate speech or racist terms
  3. You can start working on your addon before the start of the jam, especially if you know you're not going to have the time during the jam dates
  4. Don't submit addons that you created before the jam. You have to work on it during the jam, otherwise it goes against the spirit of a jam
  5. Credit correctly. If you use assets, you must respect their licenses and credit accordingly
  6. Submission that are not addons will simply be removed

We reserve ourselves the right to remove submissions if we consider you're breaking one of the rules



You might be working on an advanced addon, in that case, those resources could be useful for you



Addon Ideas 

Polygons operations
EDITORThe Geometry class allows you to do cool operations on polygons. A addon could bring those operations to the editorMrEliptik
Custom scene launcherEDITORRight next to the “Play custom scene” button, a set of buttons could be used to launch a specific scene. If binded to a key, it would allow to quickly launch a scene when working on another oneMrEliptik
Pub/Sub Twitch APINODEAddon to interact with the pub/sub API of Twitch similar to what the GIFT addon is doing for the Twitch chatMrEliptik
Project statsEDITORA small panel inside the editor would give stats about the current projectMrEliptik
SnippetsEDITORCode snippets, possibly as a suggestion when typong. Common snippets like: for loops, yield a timer, etc... Ability to save code as snippet and browse code snippets.MrEliptik
Make the editor beautifulEDITOREver felt like the editor should look a little different? Make it happenLentsius(Krystof)
Node spacing toolsetEDITORSelected control, node2d and spatial nodes can be distributed vertically and horizontally with equal spacing between themLentsius(Krystof)
Widget handles for curve pointsEDITORI had modifying curves in Godot! Maybe I'm missing something, but would love to have a 3D widget + a contextual transform text entry box to control curve point position.TheDuckCow
General purpose road generationNODEGo beyond the basics of a curve + CSG to create roads. Create a general implementation of a road and intersection segment that allows for variable number (and transitions of) number of lanes, width, auto generates AI follow lanes with direction, and provided mechanisms for roads to network together to give layered pathfinding abilities to cars. To be procedurally built so it can be adapted for multiple styles, and ideally generic enough that there'd never be a reason to make your own road again!TheDuckCow
Tilesetter-like autotile generatorEDITORTilesetter lets you generate an autotiling tileset from just a couple of images: corners, a fill texture and the edges. I'd be nice to have this easily accessible from within the editor. You could insert an image and it'd automatically generate the tileset with collision shape and bitmask.LucyLavend
Custom Gravity ToolsEDITOR / NODETODO: the exact scope and workflow of the project is to be defined. Also if someone would be interested in this I would like to have further input over the  UI / UX and maybe come code aspects. Example idea: The addon provides a way to easily use a shape like: point, line, Curve2D to act as a custom gravity source. Similar features could be implemented for 3d too. Example 1: You could add a square with rounded corners and make it a source of gravity so a player can walk on it 360 degrees. Example 2: You could take any shape and make it a source of gravity, but inverted so a player can walk on inside of it 360 degrees. HybridLizard
Updating Some Existing AddonsEDITOR / NODEThere are already many existing addons. Maybe there is some interest in the community in updating some of them to the last 3.* version.HybridLizard
SVG Path ImporterEDITORIntended uses: importing paths to be followed by objects, collision shapes, any other use Curve2D / Curve 3D has. SVG Path Importer allows you to quickly import SVG path(s) from a file or copied XML code to be used by Godot’s Curve2D or 2 dimesions limited Curve3D (basically 2d curve in a 3d space).  It is often a way easier, more convenient and precise to draw SVG vector shapes in some other tool to be later used in Godot.  Also the tool allows to dynamically (non-destructively) adjust the tessallation of the path, especially in the places of curved segments (represented by flat lines approximation in Godot) and to be prepared for a constant speed for Follow Object on Path feature. Updating the file, svg xml code or settings will dynamically recreate the curve without a need to repeat some operations manually.

If someone would be interested in this I would like to have further input over the  UI / UX and maybe come code aspects
SFX generatorEDITORAddon for generating and saving simple sound effects, so you doesn't have to use other tools like sfxr, bfxr and othersPoklop
Controller-RunItEDITORInstead of having to run or quit the project by shortcut or hand (clicking the x), just use your controller. Could be implemented by a class and using this for the quit process. For running the project there could be a setting section in the Project Settings for the Controller “Shortcut” to run the project, e.g. LT&RT or LB&RB.FlameLizard21
Controller-ButtonCombo-HelperEDITORCreating a class that simplifies the registration and handling of controller button combos (like in e.g. Mortal Combat) with the ability to change the intervals between the buttons which have to be pressed to activate a combo.FlameLizard21
Accessibility-CheckerEDITORAn addon which goes through the project and marks spots (in scripts mostly or create a file with some concrete tips depending on what the addon found in your scripts) where an addition of accessibility options would be viable. So it would mark font color, size, difficulty for instance as key words and refer to the files in the created output file to showcase where improvements can be done. Also built-into the documentation could be a collection of accessibility (with explanations about their nature) challenges that you could take into account.FlameLizard21
DiashowControlNodeNODEA Diashow node with children Nodes called DiashowItems that can be swiped/clicked left and right to get to the previous/next Item. Options: possible to get back to the first Item when clicking Next at the last Item or vice versa, turn speed etc.FlameLizard21
TutorialDrawToolEDITORAn addon which enables you to draw on top of the editor including the 3D editor, 2D editor and script editor to mark a specific area of interest. Could be very useful for tutorial/showcases It would work similarly to Blender’s implementation so that you could delete all drawing with a simple keyboard shortcutFlameLizard21
EditorDiscordStatusEDITORAn addon which shows what you are doing in the godot editor as your Discord status. The inspiration for this addon is from a similar addon for VSCode which has 700k+ installs. Eg. If you are editing a script called, it will show “Editing since 1hr” on your Discord. Eg. If you goto the 3D tab and the scene board.tscn is open, it will show “Editing board.tscn in 3D since 1hr” And so on for different actions in the editor. Optional: There can be an option to add custom URL links for the 2 buttons which can be set on the Discord status, eg. A link to the steam page of the game or a link to the github repo, etc. 3ddelano
MethodSorterEDITORAn addon which sorts all methods in a script alphabetically. This can be run by using a keyboard shortcut or on some event like before the file is saved or by clicking a button in the editor. There should be options available to separate private and public methods, and sort them individually if needed. Optional: If possible make the sorting recursive, so if there are any classes defined inside the script, it will sort the methods of that class separately also. 3ddelano
CurvedPolygonNODEThe ability to create polygon with curves, using Bezier curve and handles. Right now, polygons are straight lines between points. Using Path2D and their ability to get curves with Bezier curves, we can get the baked point from the curve to create a polygon, thus creating a curved Polygon. MrEliptik
GDScript TeamTemplateEnforcerEDITORAn addon which uses a predefined (or custom) GDScript template file that gives information about the coding style that you want to be enforced in your team (i.e. typed variable casting, - - - dashes before all constand/onreadys etc). The addon uses this template then to automatically notify team members if their script isn’t abiding the templates rules through notificationsFlameLizard21

You can find the details of the idea on a GDoc here. If you want to use one of the above idea, please do! We provided the name of the person who had the idea if you want more information or to simply discuss the idea with them. 

  • Join the Discord to discuss ideas, share your progress and get help
  • Use the hashtag #GodotAddonJam to show your progress or showcase your addon on social medias!
  • Stay tuned with the announcement video and addons showcase on YouTube
  • Watch us live creating addons during the jam!


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Godot plugin to make point n' click games in a similar way to tools like Adventure Game Studio and Power Quest.
A multi-party Kanban project managment plugin for Godot
The world's most feature-packed Bullethell Engine. Manages everything about patterns, bullets & spawning.
A spreadsheet directly in the Godot editor for quick and easy data management and storage
A powerful branching dialogue addon for Godot 4
ResourcePicker with search as an alternative to default one.
a cool simple sprite editor on godot !
Godot plugin that adds the SfxrStreamPlayer node to generate sound effects inside the editor
Dialog Trees, Decision Trees, Behavior Trees, Pine Trees... one plugin for all of the above.
A Hybrid Dialogue System
Run in browser
A quest manager for Godot
log information about objects in the scene
Author skeletal animations from Godot 3
An addon for godot. Makes a to do list in godot.
Acro’s Hitboxes aim to streamline the process of generating knockback and damage from collision.
A custom Container node for Godot Egine, to limit the size of children nodes
Daily bible messages, to encourage you finish your project, and of course, improve your life!
Save Variables in seconds
A virtual on-screen keyboard supporting gamepad and mouse-based input as well as a daisywheel supporting gamepad input.
Never again will your player character be obscured when walking behind a wall!
Extends the Godot UI to make it easy to edit points of 3D paths
Run any scene, even if you haven't opened it
A GDScript console built-in the Godot editor
A custom node addon bringing the power of Regex to the LineEdit node
Godot Game Engine addon that provides tools which aid in the development of action / fighting game combat.
A Godot Engine addon/SDK to interface with Azure PlayFab -
A simple plugin for godot which allows you to browse all google fonts and download any of them without leaving godot.
Buttons with icons indicating relevant keys or gamepad buttons.
silly addon to have some fun while coding
An addon for godot which integrates git commands in Godot.
Quickly change and test Project Resolution settings
Quickly add variables to your text labels in Godot!
A BackgroundWorker node for the Godot Game Engine.
Display your velocity vectors. Easily.
Procedurally generated NPC names for your gamedev
A Godot Plugin to make the editor do a barrel roll!
Framework for attaching a Godot based application to a streamer service API
Godot Project/Addon Manager for Power Users
Automatically exports your project every time you save!
An annoying Godot Add-on
An util class to help plugin developers in Godot Engine
Generates forms on the fly using JSON Schema
Godot plugin version of Tilth studio
A Plugin for Godot engine editor which lets you draw pixels, then save, edit and use as a tscn file.
A routeable HTTP server for Godot
A plugin for GodotEngine 3, that shows some info about the project
Draw anywhere in the Godot Editor. Supports multiple pen sizes and colors.
Lospec in the Godot editor!
Display statistics of a Godot project inside the editor
Run Vulkan Compute shaders in Godot *3*!
Godot editor add-on that greatly enhances 3D camera placement.
Easily access and edit your favorite project and editor settings directly from an editor dock.
A gdscript library to make working with rectangular grids easier.
time your challanges in godot
An in-editor image editor for Godot 3.4.2