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Goblinweek is an annual tradition to make as much goblin content as you can in a week. That’s the goal of the jam. I don’t know what your definition of “goblin” is, but use that one. 


  1. Be nice; don’t use your game as a platform to exhibit anything nasty like racism (unless it’s about non-goblins)
  2. Put a bit of effort in; you’ve got a whole week and low effort entries will be removed
  3. Make whatever; be it video or analog game, the next Iliad or a shitpost, just create
  4. This isn’t a ranked jam; ranking is for humans to worry about
  5. Don’t overthink; thinking too much about it is non-goblin

Additional Challenges, if you fancy

  • Goblin Noun: work out your game’s title first  and work backwards from there; the name should be [Goblin + [Random Noun]]
  • Goblin Id: don’t press backspace when writing and let your brain goblin write the game for you
  • Goblin Genre: write your goblin game in a setting that isn’t typical fantasy; goblins live in all places


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A game of goblin revolutionaries fighting elven oppression in a world of smoke and shadows, Forged in the Dark.
A PBTA game of Goblin Community and Anti-Capitalism in the Asteroid Belt
a TRPG about living your best life in spite of human drama
A #goblinweek game about goblins playing go fish.
Domestic Goblin boardgame madness!
First we brought you Nazi-Killing Bears, now we're bringing you GOBLINS!
You accidentally drank an invincibility potion and now you gotta escape! And you're a goblin!
Goblin lovers be here. RPG. Sample. Really short
Did you know a Goblin made you?
Forced from your land, you live on. A Belonging Outside Belonging game.
A party game where you're a young duende looking for love
Role Playing