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It's my birthday in May and instead of presents, why not celebrate by joining me in a month-long jam where we all get together as a group of goblins to make fun, zany, and haphazard things for my warm-hearted role-playing game Goblin Errands.


The aim of this Goblin Errands game jam is to get together to create fan-made content for the role-playing game! Anything goes: New character types, new rule-systems, a collection of fun goblin communities, fiction, or pre-written errands. Whatever you'd have fun building and sharing with all the other goblins.

The permissive Goblin Errands Third Party License lets you create without worries. You can even make money off your creations if you want to do so.


To help you be inspired the jam has an optional theme. You can use this to find ideas for your creations but you don't have to if it doesn't feel right. The theme is meant to inspire you, not limit you. And the theme is:



You can make things in whatever way you want. You can spend a few hours or work on something the entire month of May 2024. If you want to collaborate with others, share your work or ask for some feedback then you might want to join the Sharkbomb Studios Discord server. You can also post your work here in the comments on the jam.

On top of that I (Martin) will hold "office hours" every week. Every Tuesday from 7PM to 9PM German time I will live stream these via You can jump in to watch me work on my entry to the jam but I'll also be happy to talk about your entry and provide feedback and ideas, if you want me to!

Once you're happy with your work you can submit it to this jam page to make it official! The jam is not ranked so there will be no winner or anything but I might put together a few things into an official free fan supplement for the game. Obviously not without anyone's permissions.

I will also raffle of a small prize among all people that have submitted an entry to the jam: The lucky winner gets a free digital copy of a Sharkbomb Studios game of their choice!


  • No NSFW submissions. Goblin Errands is a family friendly game and so all submissions should be too.
  • Credit appropriately. Mention all participants on a project in the credits. If you're using any public domain art, do mention that as well.
  • No AI content allowed. Proper goblins make things with their own grubby little hands. No generative AI content (artwork or text) is allowed in the submission. You can use it to inspire you and generate ideas but not to actually generate anything used in the final submission.
  • Jam fresh. Your submission needs to be made during the jam period. Please don't submit something you've made before.
  • Be kind. Everyone in the jam is there to have fun, so be a friendly goblin.

This game jam is hosted by Martin of Sharkbomb Studios, a small indie studio making physical and digital games and based out of Germany.


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