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I'm so excited to have you here for the second Go With The Flow Jam!

❤️ What is the Go With The Flow Jam?

Go With The Flow Jam ran for the first time last year, April-May 2022. The idea for the jam came about following the release of Disney's film Turning Red. There were numerous reactions to the film expressing disgust and shock that periods were mentioned during one of the film's scenes. As a way to combat this period stigma, Go With The Flow Jam was born!

Check out last year's submissions.

❤️ Where to start?
  • Join the jam discord here. This is a great way to engage with other jammers, share your work, and receive feedback!
  • Check out this thread by last year's mod BáiYù about depicting trans people and their menstrual cycles. This thread contains great resources, including articles about using more inclusive language when discussing menstrual cycles.
❤️ Resources for first-time game-makers!

There are tons of amazing (FREE) game-making tools out there. I recommend checking out Twine and Bitsy:

❤️ General Tips
  • Think small! Some of the best advice I've ever received as a dev is: "Come up with a small game idea, then make it even smaller." If you still have time after completing your idea, you can expand out from there.
  • Ask for help! Every game-maker has different knowledge, skills, and insight. Utilize the discord to ask for help or suggestions if you're stuck. There are no silly questions! Questions are how we learn.
  • Show off! Sharing your progress with your fellow jammers is a great way to stay encouraged and excited as you work. Even the small victories are victories!
❤️ Final Thoughts

Have fun! This is a very casual jam. There is no ranking or judging. If you can't finish your project in time, that is okay! My project last year didn't end up getting finished, but I'm so glad I spent time working on it and thinking about how the prompt of "period" can translate into a game. The point of this jam is to get people thinking about games about unconventional topics. Experiment and have fun!

If you need help with anything, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! I will be on the discord, but you can also reach me here or on twitter (@apothekerrie).


- Kerrie
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