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Why periods? Why now?
With the recent release of the film Turning Red, there has been a lot of *period ignorance* on full display. The topic of menstruation is still considered taboo by many people. So, let's make some games about periods!

Does my game have to literally be about periods?
The only real guideline is that submissions should relate back to the topic in some way. Make a game about whatever "period" means to you. 

Does my game have to be positive about periods?
Nope! Everyone's experience with periods is different, and all perspectives are welcome. 

Can my game be about menopause?
Of course!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!
@apothekerrie on twitter


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a short about werewolf menstruation
Interactive Fiction
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A story about your body changing whether you are ready for it or not.
Visual Novel
a short game about vaginismus, gender, and sex education
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menstruation / frustration // destruction / creation
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Self compassion and menstruation
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Explore the castle, collect the essentials, get out that damned spot
Interactive Fiction
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Learn more about menstrual products.
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Short visual novel demo about a trans boy getting his first period.
Visual Novel