This jam is now over. It ran from 2023-05-05 22:00:00 to 2023-05-14 22:00:00. View results


Godot Festival with a Jam

Join GoGodotJam and celebrate Godot's Community. With live events focused around gamedev and Godot, culminating with a Game Jam. This is the perfect event if you like gamedev and Godot.

Are you curious about the previous editions of GoGodotJam? Visit the new GoGodotJam Archive.

  • GoGodotJam is an Online Event that brings people together and celebrates the community
  • GoGodotJam leaves a trail of great content for beginners and advanced users alike
  • GoGodotJam aims to help the Godot Team, Godot Content Creators and more people in the ecosystem

When is it all happening?

  • Full event: 1st of May - 27th of May
  • Game Jam: 5th of May - 15th of May
  • Game Judging: 16th of May - 26th of May
  • Results: 27th of May

(!) the dates are specified in UTC0 




  • Use any Godot version you want: 3.5, 4
  • Participate Solo or with a Team
  • The reuse of code, previously made assets
  • You can, and we encourage you to start learning Godot even before the contest starts
  • Any use of ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, or any other AI tool is acceptable on 2 conditions (* see below)

Useful (optional)

  • Make sure you have a web version of the game (keep in mind that by not providing a web build not all the participants will be able to play and rate your game)
  • Follow the theme of the jam
  • Make sure your game works when submitted

Your game will miss ratings by not making sure you followed these ones.

Important (mandatory)

  • Only submissions created using Godot Engine will be accepted
  • Only submissions for this jam are allowed
  • Don’t submit already created games! Instead, create the game during the specified Jam period
  • Your game must not infringe any third party's rights or trademarks (music, assets, etc)
  • No late submissions are allowed. Be sure to check the's counter as this is the most accurate one
  • By submitting your game to GoGodotJam4 you acknowledge that the music used is safe for streaming
  • Not allowed: discriminatory, offensive, or NSFW content or behaviors or that does not abide by the Godot Code of Conduct 

By submitting your game to GoGodotJam4 you keep the rights and intellectual property for your game By submitting your game to GoGodotJam4 you give your consent for our streamers to stream your game in the official events


  1. Technical - Does the game work? Does the game show off the engine? Does it do anything particularly impressive? Is it feature rich?
  2. Artistic - Is it pretty? Are the sound and visuals effective and fitting? Is the style coherent to the gameplay? Are the text boxes legible?
  3. Design - Does the game teach you how to play it? Do the mechanics make sense?
  4. Gameplay - Is it fun? Does the difficulty scale? Are there accessibility options? Have I played the same game before or is it innovative?
  5. Theme - Does the game fit the theme? Is it surface level or is the theme at the core of the game?

All participants and jam organizers can vote.


1st Place

Music / Sound Assets

  • WA Production Vocal Cleaner
  • WA Production Echo Chamber
  • Vocal compressor
  • Professional Vocal Limiter
  • WA Production Vocal Splitter
  • LoFi Chill Sample 40+ music asset licenses for everything you could use, from Cybernetic Bass and Hardstyle Mania to LoFi Chill and Cinematic FX.

With a retail value of $1177USD

2nd Place

2D Game Assets Packs

  • Futuristic Assets pack
  • Fantasy Assets pack
  • Tilesets pack
  • Items pack
  • Characters pack
  • Winter Assets pack

worth over $550 in value

3rd Place

  • 1x (game) Dashpong
  • 1x (game) Super Kill-BOI 9000
  • 1x (course) Learn how to make juicy games with Godot 4

worth over $34 in value

Random (participants that have submitted a game but did not get into top 3)

  • 2x (course) Learn how to make juicy games with Godot 4
  • 3x (course) Godot Engine Course: Data Driven Inventory System and Complex UIs
  • 2x (game) Dashpong
  • 4x (game) Super Kill-BOI 9000

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Use of Chat GPT and AI Art (*)

1) You must cite that you have used it, and in what regard, on the upload page. -You don't need to say exactly what your inputs were or anything, but you have to say what parts of the project used it. 

2) You must recognize that anything made with AI art is not copyrightable and, because of it's nature, non-monetizable. This isn't a game jam thing, this is actually just legal precedent set in both US and EU courts, and something to keep in mind if you are ever using AI for a game project that is trained on publicly available data.