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We are a community dedicated to promoting the collaboration between game developers and game composers through our annual intercollegiate event, Game/Music Jam.

The following points of information outline the rules and expectations we expect everyone to follow during the event and in the Discord server. Failure to comply may result in dismissal from this server and any of our events.

Who does the Code of Conduct apply to?
• All members of Game/Music Jam Discord server
• All participants of any of our events, regardless of college
• Any conduct that happens outside of the event involving any participants of any of our events
By participating in our server and in any of our events, you agree to the following:
• Follow good epic gamer behaviour at all times, including but not limited to:

↳ Be respectful of other users
↳ Use appropriate text channels
↳ No NSFW content or discussion of illegal/questionable activities.
↳ No racism, sexism, or hate speech of any kind
↳ Do not spam channels or abuse commands

• The code always applies virtually
• Plagiarism and cheating are not allowed at any time
• We may share your projects as part of our events


Sept. 1st to Oct. 30th — Registration begins
Oct. 21st to Nov. 3rd — Icebreaker Events, Workshops, and More
November 4-11, 7pm ET — Game Jam
November 11-18, 9pm ET — Music Jam
Dec. 4th — Final Showcase
Dec. 19th — Recording Sessions, G/M Convention, and More

All content created at this event are owned by their respective game developers and musicians. We may choose to share projects through our social media as well. We will be creating a video highlighting each project at the end of the event that will be available for all participants and schools to share!

Teams are limited to a maximum of 5 non-composer participants. Only ONE person from each team should register their team. If you are registering solo, please be sure that you will be participating solo or would like to be paired with other participants.


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Reject society
Role Playing
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You play as a Dragon Blood Tree who is trying to protect your dragon eggs with your dragon friends.
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An adventure platformer about a little mushroom with a sword that keeps growing!
Plants vs Bugs
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You're a ball of sunshine. Plants love you.
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A submission for the Game/Music Jam 2022
What lies within Crystal Cove?
A game where size matters
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A Short Gardening RPG
An "Expanse" inspired 2D top-down RTS
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For Game Jam '22