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Welcome to the 7th Global Archiact Jam!

Interested in VR? This is your chance to make your very own mobile VR game on the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. Create a team and get together or fly solo, its your choice!

The theme: "IS IT TOO LATE?"

To form a team, create a new project page, then add your team members as contributors


1st Place

  • 4 Industry Day passes to CVR 2017 which gives you exclusive access to speakers from NASA, MetaVRse, Cloudhead Games, Finger Food Studios, and many more. It is also an opportunity to network with professionals in the VR space. For more information about CVR 2017 click here
  • 2 nights accommodation at the beautiful Pinnacle Hotel facing the waterfront in downtown Vancouver
  • $200 pre-paid VISA for spending during your trip

2nd Place

  • A pair of Industry Day passes to CVR 2017 with exclusive access to speakers and an opportunity to network with professionals in the VR space

3rd Place

  • 4 General Admission 2-Day CVR 2017 Tickets

Draw Prizes Happening

  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Cardboards
  • SADES 810S Gaming Headset

Competition Duration

Mar 8 – Mar 22, 2017. Your first submission will be due on Mar 8 at 12:00AM PST

Registration Deadline

Teams can register up until the Submission 1 deadline (Mar 8).

VR Game Requirements

  • Virtual Reality Game
  • Must be made for the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard
  • No inappropriate content
  • Game must run smoothly
  • Game must be uploaded to Google Play or ConstructVR
  • "Made for Global Archiact Jam" must be added in the game description for Google Play entries

Device Categories

There will be two device categories you may compete under.

Submission Key Dates

All players MUST submit progress of their work on the specified dates or forfeit in the competition.

Milestone 1 - Idea/Pitch: Mar 8th at 12AM PT

  • Game Idea/Description (required)
  • Team/Individual (required)

Milestone 2 - Screenshots: Mar 15th at 12AM PT

  • Game Screenshots (required)
  • Updated Description, Track

Milestone 3 - Final Build: Mar 22 at 12AM PT

  • Submit your final build on Google Play or Construct VR
  • Final Description, Track, Screenshots (required)
  • Final Game Poster (recommended)
  • Final Updated Video Preview (recommended)

Date of Winner Announcement

Round 1 judging will begin March 23 – 29.

Round 2 judging will begin March 31. The judging process can take up to one month.

Judging Process

Round 1 Social Voting begins! – March 23 at 1:00PM to March 29 at 1:00PM

(Top contestants with the most votes will move onto second round of judging!)

  • Screenshot/video and description will be uploaded onto our Facebook and voting will done there.
  • 1 like = 1 pt. 1 comment = 2 pts. (Max of 3 points per person will be counted.)
  • Top 50% of entries with the most points moves on to 2nd round

Round 2 Formal Judging Period Begins – March 31 (See here for full details)

Formal judging

Archiact judges + guest judges will assess the remaining entries on the following criteria:

  1. UX
  2. Creativity
  3. Gameplay
  4. Immersion
  5. Interactivity

Each category will be ranked out of 5. 1st place will be given to the team with the highest score, 2nd place to the second highest score, and 3rd place to the third highest score.

Requirements to Compete

This is an international event. Everyone is welcome to compete. *See Legal Terms for country exclusions.*


Follow us

We will be very active on our Discord server, so join it to form teams, chat and ask any questions that you have.

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Create mind-palaces in a VR environment.
VR First Person Tower Defence
Role Playing
Elevate your jetpack skills in a world of half-submerged cities
Tower defense game where you can teleport from tower to tower to gain different abilities and build towers
Escape a series of progressively peculiar trophy rooms as a human captive.
Race your friends on a epic tobogan
Does it make a sound ?
A dungeon explorer with spunk.
A 1st person adventure game where you must listen to your inner voices to make an potentially life-altering decision.
After being cryogenically frozen you awake to find yourself locked within the recesses of your mind...
How 1986 me thought VR would be in 1996
You just had a massive party and there's mess everywhere, time to clean it up before the parents are home!