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Welcome to #GlitchJam!

GlitchJam is a 72 hour game jam for all Corona developers. Not a Corona user? Why not use this jam as an excuse to start using the 2D game engine! It's free, simple and fun to use, and incredibly powerful! Seriously, stop reading this now and go have a look at what it can do - but make sure to come back here afterwards and join the jam!

Welcome back! Now that we have your curiosity, it's time to get your attention.

GlitchJam will be held every 6 months and will always follow the same format; 72 hours long, open to all Corona developers, a theme will be announced upon commencement, judging will be done by both Graham and Simon of Glitch Games and a pair of guest judges that change every jam, plus prizes ( to be announced ) for the top three submissions.

Thanks to the fantastic people at CodeAndWeb, all participants will be given temporary licences for all their software for the duration of the jam. These can then be converted to a full licence at a discounted price after the jam.

The Theme

The theme for #GlitchJam 1 is ... Hidden Forces

May the 4th be with you!

The Questions

  1. Does the submission have to be single player, or can it be multiplayer?
    1. It can be however many players you like! :-)
  2. What target platform would the submission on be?
    1. No target platform requirements, as long as the judges ( myself, Simon, and Rob ) are able to play the submission it's all good!
  3. Can we use pre-existing code that we've found on the Corona forums?
    1. Yes please do! There will be a section in the submission form that just asks you to briefly explain what you used and what you created for the jam.

The Rules

  • All submissions must be developed with the Corona SDK ( any version ).
  • All submissions must have a playable build to be judged. 
  • All submissions must be submitted by jam closing, which is 23:59:59 on the 6th May.
  • Entrants can be on their own or in a team.
  • Any pre-existing artwork or code can be used, but usage should be declared in the submission.
  • Having fun is mandatory, taking the jam too seriously is strictly prohibited.
  • All judging is final and judges can not be bribed. You can always try your luck and send us some cookies though!

The Prizes

More prizes will be announced in due time!

The Judges

The Judging

Judging will take place after the jam ends and each submission will be rated between 1 and 5 points for the following criteria:

  • Theme - How well the game matches the jam's theme.
  • Fun - How fun the game is to play.
  • Visuals - How nice does the game look.
  • Technical - How complicated technically would the game have been to make.
  • Audio - How well sound and music has been integrated. 

The top three submissions will then be announced and prizes will be handed out.

The Sponsors

Glitch Jam 1 is proudly sponsored by Corona Labs!

Why GlitchJam?

For those wondering why this jam is called the GlitchJam, it has nothing to do with broken games but rather it's because it's hosted by Glitch Games, makers of fine point and click games since 2012.

Glitch Games


P.S. If you want, Graham has released a free still-in-development helper library for Corona called Puggle which you are all more than welcome to use for this jam ( or any other time ). You won't gain any points for using it, nor lose any, but you may find it helpful. It's still very much in development so it might ( read: definitely will ) still have bugs, and it doesn't have any documentation yet. I'm really selling it aren't I?

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Tower building under the cover of night
Play in browser
A stealth-metroidvania prototype made for Glitch Jam 1.
Word swipe game played at arcade speeds
APK is in RAR format. A simple game i created in 14 hours.Core only.Touchup needed.Apk is in rar format
Frustrating multi touch physics puzzler where you clear circles from the screen
Stay Clear Of Black Hole
Protect the white house lawn against pesky liberals and fake news
Play in browser