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Git Together jam trial

10th May - 17th May

Theme: Classic Arcade Mashup

Your jam coordinators: Xor, meseta, Juju

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

We introduce to you the “Git Together” jam: an experiment in chaos and organisation.

As a participant in the Git Together jam, you’ll be making history - a ramshackle band of strangers working together on one GitHub repo containing one GameMaker project file to make one game over the course of 7 days.

We’ll give you a theme to start you off, we’ll give you a Discord server to communicate, we’ll give you a GitHub repo to work in. But we’re not going to tell you how to organise yourselves - that’s down to you.

How do I win? What’s the prize?

It’s everything or nothing: If the game compiles and runs at the end of the seven days, everyone wins. If the game doesn’t compile and doesn’t run then everyone loses. You succeed or fail together.

It doesn’t matter if the game is good or bad, so long as you ship it.

As for the prizes - if the game compiles then we’ll host it on Steam and on for the entire world to marvel at. We’ll also hand out individual accolades for especially brilliant contributions that we’re 100% going to make up on the spot. Inspire us. Be excellent.

Here’s what we need from you:

  1. Join Xor’s Discord server:
  2. Send us your GitHub username using this form: You’ll be invited to the jam repo: If you don’t get invited to the jam repo, you won’t be able to jam!
  3. Hang out in the Discord server. Shoot the breeze. Make some friends. Wait for the jam to begin with bated breath.


  1. Accept that this is probably going to be messy! Keep the scope of the game small and expect merge conflicts.
  2. No pre-made assets, including code, with the exception of...
    1. Fonts (please credit the creators properly)
    2. Easily available code snippets e.g.
    3. Audio samples less than 5 seconds used for music tracks
    4. Image editor brushes
  3. Be good to each other. Don’t pick fights.
  4. Don’t deliberately sabotage the project. Accidental sabotage is likely.
  5. Avoid putting offensive content into the game.
  6. The game will be made in either GMS1 or GMS2. If you think we should host the jam again for another language/engine, send us a DM on Discord and we’ll have a chat.

When (if!) the jam coordinators put the game onto Steam or or any other platform, it will be available for free with no donation possible. We have no interest in monetising this jam.

Additionally, we should clear up some things about intellectual property rights; to put it plainly, “who owns what”. Everything that gets made for this game jam will be All Rights Reserved. That’s all the code, art, audio... whatever - it belongs to the person who made it and you are not allowed to reuse it without express permission. If more than one person contributed to the creation or editing of an asset then all contributors must consent for an asset to be reused.


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Made by the Brideslaves of Juju for Git Together 0