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Gift Jam is back!

It's time to make a game for that one important person

Make something small for a friend, your partner or a relative. Thank them for their help during a hard time or just for making life a little bit happier.

This time your target audience will be a single person, so focus on creating a very personal game. Maybe it's about your relationship, something you shared together or something completely different, that's up to you!

You are encouraged to make the game in a short time (1-2 days), but that's not mandatory, so do what it feels right (just make sure you finish it before the deadline!).

Share your progress on twitter #giftjam. It's OK to make your game private if you need to, though don't forget to tell us you made something for the jam!

Thanks to @IsiAngeath for the jam art :-D

For jam-related questions message me


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For my partner Kate!
Role Playing
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breakout, giftjam, pico8
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A game about spraying speakers in the face
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Gift Jam 2017 - made for my wife and inspiration
Do you have what it takes to design games? And to do other stuff?
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This games is a little gift for my nieces
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play piano badly and I'll sing accordingly
Dale un buen abrazo a tu querido Abril.
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A gift for my grandma, from all your family :3
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