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Useless Powers

Simply create a game in a week that fits the given theme.
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Can I use Game Engines And Tools?
Yes! Game engines and tools such as Shader Forge for Unity are perfectly fine and encouraged.

Do I have to create the art?
The art must be created by the individual or team entering into the game jam.
Downloading assets and using them for your game will not be accepted for the game jam.

Do I have to create the music?
Music must be generated by the individual or team entering into the jam.
Lots of online software will allow you to make music even if you have no experience.

Do I have to incorporate the theme?
Technically you don't but you'll get a low rating in the theme category.

What platform can I develop for?
Windows/Mac/Linux are supported. Web games are also supported. 

How big can a team be?
You can make a team of any size, an individual can enter or a team can enter.
I suggest only working with a maximum of three people as it can be hard to manage bigger teams in game jam events. 

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Game for the Game In A Week jam. First real project; basic platformer.