Submissions open from 2020-05-01 06:00:00 to 2020-05-04 05:59:59
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1. To make the visual design you can either use ms paint or Google canvas, you have to show a video of you creating the assets in said tools, you can use a reference if you want.

2. To make the game you can use what ever game engine you want as long is it requires you to script the code in c#, c++, or JavaScript, you can use what ever IDE you want.

3. To make the games music you must use

4. To make the games sound effects you can either use audacity, or sfxr,

5. You have to make all during the jam.

6. You have to keep the game at most rated T.

7. You have to link the source code and source music.

8. Only use stuff including names, assets, music that you have legal rights to.

9. The game must have a main menu and a pause button.

I WON! know what happens?-

Your video gets featured on my youtube channle and I say its epic.