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Mais uma vez, a Unisinos oferece seu espaço para a maior sede gaúcha da Global Game Jam, a maior maratona de desenvolvimento de jogos do mundo. Novamente recebendo mais de 100 participantes, a sede é destaque nacional como uma das maiores do Brasil.

Compartilhem seus jogos, avaliem os jogos dos colegas e aproveitem a experiência!

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It's bath time. Let's play! #unisinosggj20 #ggj20
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A mix of Death Stranding with Tetris. Make deliveries by constructing paths with Tetris pieces.
The Hardest Escape Game in The World
Blob is a 2 player arena game in which you and your opponent battle to collect the pieces needed to mend a broken star.
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They hold our history inside themselves. What about theirs? A short classic puzzle game about mending broken memories.
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Help your Boss CybOrc prevail in fights against the Heroes, all while dodging their and your boss' attacks!
A house repair/cleaning company that can fix your house for you!
Play until your last breath
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Relax! And enjoy the the satisfying feeling of tidying things together.
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Clear the way for the ambulance, that includes you!
Repair the road to prevent the car from colliding.