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Mais uma vez, a Unisinos oferece seu espaço para a maior sede gaúcha da Global Game Jam, a maior maratona de desenvolvimento de jogos do mundo. Novamente recebendo mais de 100 participantes, a sede é destaque nacional como uma das maiores do Brasil.

Compartilhem seus jogos, avaliem os jogos dos colegas e aproveitem a experiência! 

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For some, home means an oppressive environment where nothing is possible and everything is feared.
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Artgame about the most comfortable place you know.
Sandbox game about building your own home. Made for #ggj19 at #unisinosggj19
Find home
Together We Build is a local multiplayer game with a cooperative proposal.
You are The Delivery Guy. In your hands is the power to bring comfy food to everyone in your city.
A journey through a kid's imagination! #unisinosggj19 #ggj19 #spacejammers​
Play as a mouse and search for cheese to feed your childrens!
From group to group, try to find a place to belong.
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You are Cat lost in the woods trying to get back home.