Submissions open from 2020-04-18 01:00:00 to 2020-04-21 01:00:00
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Challenge yourself to make a game in three days!

For the first time, Geta Game Jam will be coinciding with Ludum Dare!


  • Work either individually or as a team
  • Any game engine or programming language can be used
  • Must be made within the three day time frame
  • The theme, rather than just text, now also has the possibility of being an image or song
  • The theme and hardmode challenge will be announced when the jam starts
  • If doing alongside Ludum Dare, both the Geta Game Jam and Ludum Dare themes are allowed to be abided with


The "hardmode challenge" is an optional restriction or goal that you can do to challenge yourself in the jam! 

Some possible ideas may include:

  • Only using Paint for graphics and artwork
  • Submitting the game 24 hours early
  • Having only one or two button controls in your game

There is no extra reward for doing the hardmode challenge, for it is entirely done to test yourself. However, if you do try it, please mention so in your game description so others know!


Game judging will be done by Geta staff and will be occuring over three weeks. Each game will recieve a criteria-based review for the developer, and the final results will be in the form of a numeric ranking of each game from best to worst. If you would not like your game to be included in the final rankings, please contact us.


Geta (pronounced jee-ta) is an independent game studio consisting of members located all around the world. We aim to create games that offer memorable experiences to our players. Our first major release, MANIC, is available for free on Steam:


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