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'Geta Game Jam' is a 3 day-long event where you must create a game based on the theme of 'Chaos and Order'. This game jam will start on Saturday, January 13th 2018. It will start at 11am aest and end on the Tuesday at 11am aest. For those of you who are familiar with Ludum Dare, this game jam begins at the same time as it does for that jam. After all submissions are in, voting will be open and will go on for 2 weeks.

What is Geta?

Geta (pronounced jee-ta) is an independent game studio consisting of members located all around the world. We aim to create games that offer memorable experiences which benefit people's lives. We are currently working on a large, unannounced project which is scheduled to be released early 2019. If you are interested in joining us, then you can email us at, tweet us, or contact us through Discord.


1. You can work either alone or in a team. If working in a team, make sure that each person who contributes is credited.

2. All assets must be created within the time frame of the jam. If they weren't, then please mention so in your game's description.

3. Most games should be submitted by the end of the jam. We are allowing extensions if needed, however we will only allow it a certain  amount of hours after.

4. Preparing for the game jam (game design documents, prototypes etc.) is completely fine, as long as you are not creating any assets that you will be using for the game.

5. Any game engine is allowed.

You can set up teams on the official CrowdForge page:


Voting will be open to the public, regardless of whether you have submitted or not. Voting will be done through these five categories:

Gameplay: Does the gameplay achieve its purpose? Are the game mechanics well designed?

Visuals: Do the visuals compliment the gameplay? Does the game look aesthetically pleasing?

Audio: How does the game sound? 

Innovation: Is the game concept original and innovative?

Overall: This is a measure of your overall opinion on the game.

Social Media

Join the official Discord server:

Follow us on Twitter:

Make sure you use the hashtag #GetaGameJam on Twitter!

We are currently in search of YouTuber's / Streamers to play games that are made in this jam!

Please email us at, or tweet us if you want your name to be included on the list!

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Feed Robots in a Ridiculous Physics-based Game.
A small 2D physics game that was made for the Geta Game Jam
Reach the end of the level without hitting opposing colors !
Jimmy and Matt - Chaos and Order Gamejam
Play in browser
Whether on, or off, those lights are annoying!
Play in browser
You must stop them from creating chaos.
Play in browser
- "The game is almost completely made out of a single asset"
Play out your politician-punching fantasies!
Confuse yourself and your friends in this frantic local vs ball game