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Welcome to Generator Jam 2021!

Hosted by Long Games.

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The rules are simple:

  • Create a random generator that can be used in a tabletop RPG.
  • The generator can be for anythingmagic spells, characters, locations, maps, weather, names, creatures, monsters, weapons, etc.
  • The method of generation can be anything: dice, cards, books, numbers, letters, a calendar, etc.
  • Your generator can be small and simple, or long and complex.
  • It can be designed for a specific rule system, or compatible with any system.
  • You can submit as many times as you would like.

 By the end of the jam, we hope to have enough unique generators to play a full RPG with!

Generator Jam 2021 launches on 1 June 2021 and finishes on 30 June 2021.

Need some inspiration? Use our Generator Generator to generate a generator. Simply roll 2d4:

Note: Please be kind to each other. Any submissions that are intolerant of others may be removed.

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Generate a name for your fantasy tea.
Play in browser
Random buccaneers, boats and booty to spice up any high-seas dice game!
A weather toolkit for Blades in the Dark
A compact yet prolific superpower generation tool
Generate funny cyborg-themed lewd stuff!
Play in browser
Using 1d12 to determine your victim and killer.
For when you want some really weird storms in your games/stories
Devil's Bargains for Blades in the Dark
Generate a themed dungeon with a series of dice rolls
A Filipino folklore-inspired setting and adventure generator
Industrial fantasy oracles for discerning thieves, rogues, and ne'er-do-wells.
Generator of everyday tasks for the idle RPG adventurer
An unofficial generator for Blades in the Dark
Run in browser
Random Queer Character Generator for Any TTRPG
A monster generator for Mausritter.
A set of random tables for you to build your randomly generated weird weapon.
Many Mind-boggling Magical Mistakes
Tavern Generator for Tabletop RPGs
A random spell generator for roleplaying soft-magick-ish OSR games.
Role Playing
Play in browser
A quick map generator for TTRPGs.
A deck of cards designed with worldbuilding in mind.
Enemy Generator for Table RPG
A system agnostic TTRPG tool
A system-agnostic business card nano-setting and world-building tool.
Card Game
An unofficial district guide for Blades in the Dark
4 quick random tables for awkward treasures in a fantasy ttrpg
Generate a Guild with Three Playing Cards