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Girl Geek Academy in conjunction with the City of Port Phillip is hosting Australia’s first Gender Equality Game Jam! Come and spend a weekend with us and help to create games of any genre or platform that address gender equality issues such as stereotypes and gendered drivers towards violence against women and all marginalised genders.

Firstly, you’ll join us for a workshop on Wednesday 4 September @ 6pm to hear from a range of health & games industry professionals to learn more about the drivers of inequality and how games can challenge these issues. Then on Saturday 14 September the jam kicks off at 9am – we’ll match your skills to a team of 3-4 other games practitioners and you’ll have until Sunday afternoon to create a game ready for the public to play. Plus you’ll be invited to showcase your game at our community space at PAX in October!

This isn’t just for Girl Geeks – this is an open gender event. 

Along the way we’ll fuel you with delicious food, give you access to amazing mentors and at the end we’ll finish with a play party to celebrate and share your hard work.

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Creating positive, equal and respectful environments through small attitudes, and practices
Role Playing
Changing stereotypical gender norms in play with children
Dress up and get compliments!
Simulation's the day. I've got that important interview at 10.... I hope I do well!
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You got a job - now try to keep it!
Play in browser
This is a game about perception and reflection. How well can you differentiate people in a crowd?
Your company is relying on your judgement to hire the best fit!
Female tropes: flipping them off, and on their heads
Visual Novel
Watch out for creepers on the train
Facilitating respectful and educational conversation around gender inequality.