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Hi everyone, It's gamejam time again!

Time for the April Metal Monstrosity Jam... Another Quick Jam this time, It seems most people prefer the shorter jams! So back to the 72 hour format!

All the usual details are written below!

3 days for this Jam.

Everything is normal rules for this jam! Just 72 hours of dev time!


The theme is 'Machinery'. Be it mecha, nanobots, robots, steampunk trains or some other fantastic creation, show us your mighty machines and machinery inspired gameplay.


  • Contestants will have 3 Days of development time. (Friday 27th April 2017 12:00am => Sunday 30th April 2017 23:59pm) UTC Time (This is +0, Check the current time here > What is UTC TIME
  • All Game engines are welcome!
  • Teams are allowed (prize will be split)
  • You have full creative freedom to make what you wish, However the spirit of the jam is to follow the theme and make the best game you can, If you don't you probably won't get disqualified but people tend to vote for the best game true to the theme.
  • You can use any artwork or audio that is open source and free for all to use.. Free assets, open source art is ok, Previous projects are not..
  • Voting is handled by Itch on a 1-5 star scale in 4 categories. (Fun, Creativity, Polish, Theme)


  • Submit your game to and to the submission page and be sure to fill in all fields.
  • Submissions must be made available to Violent Crumble (verification) before prizes will be awarded.
  • Submissions must be either playable online eg. WebGL(Preferred) or downloaded via a zip file.
  • Once top 3 winners have been chosen, they will submit their source files to @Violent Crumble for verification
  • Please be sure to link your Discord Username as that is where i will pm you!


Top 3 places will be rewarded awesome special roles in the Discord Server!

As well as: If there are more than 10 Submissions Prizes are:

  • 1st – Steam Game (Valued up to $15) + Special Role!
  • 2nd – Steam Game (Valued up to $7.50) + Special Role!
  • 3rd – Special Role!

How Do I Enter This Amazing Jam?

Simple!, Join the discord and get hyped! - Or simply go to

#gamejam-chat is where you are able to ask any questions, or talk with other participants.

type !gamejam register in chat to register for gamejam notifications

How do i begin?

When the GameJam starts, Tiny Rick (The discord server bot) will change his message to let people know the theme, and i will update the details on the Itch page (Here). I will try to update the Facebook and twitter too!

How do I win it?

All submissions will be posted to Itch and open to public vote for 3 days and the top 3 || 4 will be chosen.

Good luck!

"May the odds be ever in your favor"

The game jams are self funded, If you would like to donate and help out, You can do so below.


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The automation tower defense game
Play in browser
Play as the Pac-Man arcade machine, outsmart your players and empty their pockets!
Play in browser
Sorting robots is fun, but Smashing is better.
Play in browser
Tower defense on a train
Made for the GDL Metal Monstrosity Gamejam
Can you please the metal Gods?
Play in browser
Train drag racing!
Avoid rogue machinery and grab the goodies!
Play in browser
A small game for the GDL game jam about MECHS!
Virtual blocktoy sandbox.
The president is infected with viruses, and you're the only bot for the job.
Role Playing
platformer game about robots and humans
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