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Welcome to GDKO 2023

Game Dev Knock Out (GDKO) is an elimination tournament for game developers of all skillsets. It's played out over 5 rounds between January and May with the game developers with the lowest scores being eliminated each round until only 5 developers remain to take part in the final of the competition. Think of it as the Squid Games of the game dev world with a less valuable prize and nobody dies...


TASK: Create a single level in a unique location.
QUALIFICATION: Top 75%  of submitted entries will qualify for round 2.


Who can take part?

There is no limit to the amount of devs that can register, the competition is open to everyone no matter your skill level. You'll need to qualify from the round in order to continue in the competition.

How will I know what to create?

Each round will give you a specific task to complete that is related to an element of game development. Some tasks may focus on sound design, some may focus on art,  you may even be asked to make a game with a set theme and limitation. The task for the round will be revealed at the start of each. After the round has ended there will be a standard community voting period after which the entries with the lowest ranks will be eliminated from GDKO and everyone else will receive an invite to the next round.

What if I fail to submit something?

Don't worry, it happens, you'll just be eliminated, there is not obligation to finish your task and submit. You don't even need to join the next round even if you qualify. You will remain in GDKO as long as you don't get eliminated or leave of your own accord. 

Can teams take part?

No teams. This is a game development competition that will focus on a range of game development criteria, competing in a team would give an unfair advantage. 

How long will the competition last?

GDKO will run for 5 rounds with 5 developers finally making it to round 6, the final. Each round will last between 1-2 weeks with a community voting period at the end. 

If I qualify from round 1 how will I join the next round?

You will receive a link to join the next round via email and via the discord. The round participants will be monitored and any devs that join that didn't earn a place will be removed. 

What happens if I am eliminated?

After each round one of our GDKO judges will pick a 'Wildcard' entry from those that were eliminated. That developer will be given a second chance and progress to the next round. There is only 1 wildcard available each round.

Can I make devlog on my progress?

Yes of course, there will be a community post asking for your YouTube links if you'd like parts of your devlog to feature in the official GDKO announcement videos each round.

The GDKO Judges

There will be 5 official Judges that will be judging the final rounds of GDKO and picking wild cards along the way.

Mightjor is a game developer who uses Game Maker Studio 2 to create games. Jor also has a YouTube channel and creates music, he was also featured in Vimlark's 'Ready Set Jam' series this year.

Wannibe Manisha is a Unity dev with a popular YouTube channel. WM is hosting her own game jam this year call the Wannajam and has been a guest on Miziziziz's 4 Devs 1 Art Pack challenge series. 

Vimlark is a streamer and YouTuber creating content, devlogs and his most recent series 'Ready Set Jam. where developers are pitted against each other. Vimlark also streams on Twitch playing community games and giving feedback.

Let's Talk Game Design runs a YouTube channel talking about game design. Some of his recent projects include the development of his game reiterate and what he refers to as the NBT project. 

Vandervas Generator was the winner of GDKO 2022 with his entry, 'The Wind and the Ladybird'.


The winner of GDKO 2023 will receive a GDKO 2023 winners T-Shirt (Shipped worldwide). 

GDKO T-shirt

GDKO Sponsors

Please email to claim if you have any questions regarding our sponsorship prizes.


GDevelop are offering a 6 month gold subscription to the best game made with GDevelop. The best game will be determined by tournament progression. The game that progresses furthest that is made using GDevelop will be considered the winner. 

Yahaha Studios

Yahaha Studios are offering a cash prize of $50 to the winner or GDKO and the best game made using Yahaha Studios. The best game will be considered as the game the progresses the furthest in the competition using Yahaha Studios. Contact Yahaha Studios directly to claim if you are a winner.


Unity are offering a 1 year pro key to the winner of GDKO along with a 3 month pro key to the second place developer. All participants entering GDKO can claim a free 30 pro key. Please contact Xanderwood directly to claim.

Construct 3

The team at C3 are offering a 1 year personal plan to the best game made with Construct. The best game shall be the game that progresses the furthest in the competition.