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The Annual GDJam is taking place on November 8th – 10th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm in the UL Building (The one where the student union is based!)

The extra two hours is to accommodate for first years who end class late on Friday! We have your back first years!

A Game Jam is a 48-hour hackathon, where you form a team, obtain a theme, and go! You’ll get the theme the day of, and everyone will make a game based on their interpretation of the theme!

Remember that Game Jams are about learning first and foremost, we encourage people to join regardless of their skill level, because the best way to learn is to do!

Team sizes are up to you, and the members of your team are also up to you.

We highly suggest coming without a team and forming one at the jam, you get to meet cool people this way, and multi-year teams are a great way to connect with upper-year and lower-year students!

And yes, there will be free food. 

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One's gain is taken from another. Take your time, but who is it taken from?
A Gift Death desires & the Angels should never receive
Get this present away from me!
There are too many characters
A short Game Jam about Delivering unwanted packages
A man on a mission to deliver the greatest gift of all time, the only thing stopping him? The TSA.
Success is not gifted, it's achieved through hard work, even if it seems meaningless
GDJam 2019 submission
Free for all slime-em-up action. Steal the gift by bouncing into your opponents, finish with it for a surprise!
It's the Dark Souls of opposite day!
You arent giving gifts to Moomans. Interpret it how you want to.
You are a chinese labourer in the 90s working to give your daughter a good life.
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