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THE GDEVELOP EXAMPLES JAM #1 WILL RUN FROM 08:00 on April 22th to 00:00 on April 25th, GMT-4.

This is an event in which you'll have 3 days to create examples and/or game templates using GDevelop, the free and open-source game engine. Once the submission period is over, your example will get rated by other participants, and you will also get to rate other examples. 

The GDevelop Example Jam will be a fun, diverse, and inclusive event in which you'll get to put your skills to the test. There will be participants from all over the world, and you will have the opportunity to chat with other developers, discuss each other's games and of course, create a brand new GDevelop example or game template.

You need to register for the event right here on in order to participate. Please also join our Discord server for all information and notifications regarding the jam, and to meet the other participants. 

Whether you finish your example or not, you'll have an amazing experience, learn tons and meet cool people from around the world!

The theme is: There is no theme

Here are the rules for participating in this event:

General Rules:

  • You must use the GDevelop game engine to make your example or template. The engine is free and open-source. You can find it on our official website.
  • The example or template must not include offensive, discriminatory, or NSFW content of any kind. This is an event for anyone and everyone!  

Regarding your example or template:

  • Example or template must be released with an open-source license.
  • Submitting to the jam means accepting that GDevelop may use your example or template as part of the engine in the future.
  • Example or template must be submitted through
  • Example or template must be published to be played on browsers (bonus thumbs up for mobile compatibility!), without requiring extra hardware.
  • Examples should be brand new. You can't just slightly improve an existing example or template, unless you make something significantly better and you explain why it should replace the old one.
  • Example or template has to demonstrate a single mechanic/feature in a clear and understandable way. 
  • Example or template has to have its events and comments organized and labeled.
  • You also will upload a .zip file containing your example project file and assets. This is needed to judge your example's documentation. 

Regarding assets, code and text:

  • All text must be in English.
  • You may use pre-made, publicly available assets as well as GDevelop's built-in asset library, or other assets you have the legal rights to use and redistribute. Just remember to credit properly. A game asset doesn't refer to code, which is essentially what an extension is. If an extension is publicly released and available by searching in the engine then it can be considered a part of the engine, or at least it's available to everyone who has the engine installed. Any privately made or privately distributed extensions, made prior to the jam, would be code not considered to be within the engine, and therefore is not allowed.
  • You may team up! And we encourage it. You can find teammates on our Discord server. The maximum number of team members allowed is 2. 
  • You may not submit any work or updates after the submission period is over. 
Using game assets that you do not have the legal right to use will result in your game being removed from the jam.

Creating games with other people is a fantastic experience and is also very helpful to reach the end of the jam with a finished game, so do think about teaming up if you haven't. 

By participating in the jam, you accept that we may take screenshots of your game to showcase it on GDevelop’s social media and marketing channels.

If you're having trouble uploading a web build because of the 1k item limit on, make sure you have a desktop build on your jam page to act as the official submission.

All examples and templates will be rated in the following categories:

  • Gameplay: is it a fun mechanic that will easily translate into a fun game?
  • Expandability: how easy will it be for people to make their own games with this example or template?
  • Documentation: is the example well documented and commented, so that it's easy to modify?
  • Originality: is the example or template original?

Don’t worry about this too much, though. The most important thing is that you participate, have fun, and stick to the jam’s theme! Once the submission period is closed, you will have 5 days to rate each other’s templates.

The 3 examples with the highest overall scores will be declared Community Winners. All developers involved in creating these examples or templates will receive a 1-year GDevelop premium membership and the opportunity to be considered for inclusion as part of a future GDevelop release. Inclusion in a future GDevelop release is solely at the discretion of judges, who may choose examples or templates out of the totality of submissions, not just the top community-voted entries.

How to Submit an example or template?


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Plants vs Zombies template in GDevelop !
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shows the flash, health, object spawner, and fire bullets functions while showing the code to make a twin stick shooter
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Inventory item scroll display using sprite masking
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A simple achievement system.
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Mario Party inspired Board game example
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A 2D golf game example for the GDvelop Example jam
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Template for a multiplayer topdown shooter game. Don't let the aliens abduct your cows!
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Just a simple Loading Screen example for the OpenSource Gdevelop Engine
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An example of how to make a puzzle game in 4 steps starting from basic mechanics to the complete game.
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Boomerang Projectile Example and More!
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Example of Title Screen that I use in most of my creations on Gdevelop!
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This is an example of a navigation drawer.
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jump jump jump!!!
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YSort behavior example: object appears both behind and in front of other objects according to their relative Y positions
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Pong game made with gdevelop p2p
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This is my submission for gdevelop gamejam
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random shirt
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