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Game Creators Space Jam 02

What is the Game Creators Space?

 The GCS Logo

The Game Creators Space, or GCS, is a Game Development Club and Workplace focused on building Community, Experience, and Great Games! This game jam is the second Jam hosted by the Game Creators Space - to see what else our community has been up to, here's a list:


The theme for this jam is "Secret Base".

  • Rules

    • A single entry per team - choose one person to submit the game.
      • We encourage every member to have an account, so they can vote, and add to the community board!
    • At least one member of your team must make it to Game Show-off Day (Date and time to be announced)
      • GCS Jam 02 is open to all students and alumni of Albertan schools. Guests are allowed to participate so long as they have not been placed in bad standing with any of the Alberta Game Dev Student Special Interest Group - which includes GCS, GADEC, VGAD, GDC(UofC) and LDGA. For more information, or if you have any questions, message us!

    • You must have the proper rights for all content used in submissions, regardless of submission medium
    • All entries will be submitted in build (compiled) and source code (non-complied) form, where applicable. 
    • You may use any tools, engines, or libraries to create your project
      • Code, art, and other materials must be made or procured during the event
      • You ARE allowed to use project templates, HOWEVER, all pre-made templates must be linked and shared with the submission
      • Paid assets ARE allowed, BUT please remove the paid asset from the source code file IF you do not have the rights to distribute!

    Okay, so how do I join?

    It's simple:

    1. Choose to work solo, or in a group. All members should create an account.
    2. Have each member join the jam (remember, only one member will make a submission at the end!)
    3. Make a "I'm in" post in the community section of the jam (Use the tags) and have your team members comment there too!
    4. Join our Discord, we'll make a group just for you and your team!

    That's all you need to do to join the jam! It won't take too long, and it'll give you the opportunity to become part of our amazing community!

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A dating sim where everyone hates you.
Visual Novel
Something is there, and you must find it.
I always knew this day would come, defend my secret basement from the waifu menace!
Defend your lair from invading heroes.
A Two Player Hamster Finding Boardgame
Our take on battle ships....i guess