This jam is now over. It ran from 2023-02-01 00:00:00 to 2023-03-01 00:00:00. View results

Title screens are fantastic, they're usually the first part of a game you see, and often give you an idea of what you're in for. When it comes to game jams though, there's usually two types of people - those that never get past the title screen, and those that completely neglect it.

So for this casual jam, it was decided to focus on this important part of the game: The Title Screen. Make something exciting and interesting to look at, maybe show off a few visual effects, add a nice jingle, etc.

You can, if you wish, add an actual game to your title screen, but it's entirely optional.

We've enabled public voting as a means to encourage feedback to the developers, as there are no prizes (aside from your own satisfaction!). We'll review if this is useful or not for future jams

Come join us on Discord, IRC, or the Forum if you'd like to chat with other participants and share your progress!


  • Your submission must include a .gba file.
  • It should run on real hardware or an accurate emulator such as mGBA or NanoBoyAdvance.
  • Only use code and assets that you have permission to use, and give appropriate credit.
  • No NSFW or offensive content.


How do I make a GBA game?
There are quite a lot of good options nowadays! Head over to for the full list of resources. If you need help, jump on over to Discord or the GBAdev Forum.

Can I work in a team?

Can I enter something I was already working on?
Yes! Since there are no prizes, feel free to use this to add the most amazing title screen to your current, or previous, project

Do I have to publish my source code?
No, but it would be very cool if you did!

But it's not even winter!
You can still enter, even if you live outside the northern hemisphere! ^^


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Browser playable (3)
Interactive Fiction (2)
Educational (1)
Strategy (1)
Puzzle (3)
Adventure (1)
Racing (1)
RPG (1)
Simulation (2)
Action (1)
Other (2)
Demoscene (2)
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A short cafe idle game for the GBA
Find your furry friend and get outta there! [GBA]
Entry for GBA Winter Jam '23. Only the title screen matters.
Play in browser
Play in browser
Card-based Territory Control Tactics Game for GBA
Play in browser
retro arcade collectathon prototype
Title screen for grappling game.
There's a tree outside my window and this is what it looks like.
A title screen demo - GBA-ROM
Just a screen... for now.
It's just the title screen from "Knytt Stories"
Interactive Fiction