This jam is now over. It ran from 2023-09-30 23:00:00 to 2023-10-29 23:59:59. View 32 entries

2023-10-31    The game is finished with 28 entries! Play it here!
2023-10-10    Added a library of music jingles to choose from, and a way to make your game match the tempo! (more info)
2023-10-03    Some bugfixes made to the repo, please update if you haven't already!

Welcome to the GBA Microjam, in which we all team up to make a microgame collection (like warioware!) for the Game Boy Advance.

The theme is Halloween, so be prepared to make something spoooooky...

There's no judging or prizes, but at the end we'll merge all the entries into one big GBA game, it will be so cool!


  • Your game must be made with Butano using the provided template.
  • Your game should be very short! (max 10 seconds, ideally 4 to 6 seconds)
  • You can have more than one game in the same submission (if you want)!
  • You must submit a .zip file containing your source code, so we can merge it into the final game once the submission period closes.
    • All code must be under the MIT license.
    • All assets must be under a license compatible with CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.
  • Despite the spooky theme, please don't submit anything too horrifying (no heavy violence, gore, nsfw, etc.)

How to get started

1. Follow the Butano installation instructions.

2. Download the microjam23 repo and compile it via make.

3. Follow the instructions for how to add a new microgame. In particular, each microgame must have its own unique namespace, and implement these methods:

  • title()  -  returns the name of the microgame.
  • total_frames()  -  returns how long the microgame will last for.
  • play()  -  updates the game each frame. You can indicate that the game ended early via the return value.
  • victory()  -  returns whether the player won or lost.

See the microgame base class header and the rest of the repo for more information!

Getting help

Come join us on DiscordIRC, or the Forum if you'd like to chat with other participants, ask for help, and share your progress!



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A microgame made for GBA Microjam '23!
Short microgame for the GBA
GBA mini-game for microjam23
sky is raining candy, don't let it go to waste.
Part of the GBA Microjam '23
A microgame inspired by the Atari 2600 game Haunted House
An entry into the GBA Microjam '23
Trick or Treat at the house, but be careful! This neighbor is particular about their lawn.
Light the candles on top of the halloween cake in few seconds!
Os Magnum - Game Boy Advance
Contribution to the GBA Microjam 2023​
you have to survive after a monster cuts the power.
One whole month and this is all I could think of, OH BROTHER
The pumpkin man is haunted by Halloweens past. NEW OBJECTIVE SURVIVE