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November might be about writing novels to some people, or about not shaving to others, but we know the truth - it’s about games!

#GamoWriMo borrows from that other idea and asks you, yes, you, to write an entire tabletop role-playing game during the month of November. But not something short, like a 1-page game, something with a little more heft.

Your goal is to write (or hack) a game system and setting during the month of November, and get it to the point of playtestability. Figure... 30 days, so 30 pages or so is the “goal” amount.

Your project should be a new project, and while you might have ideas already, don’t start writing until 11-1. You are welcome to collaborate, but if you do, please try to reach the goal amount for each of your work.

This is 100% stolen from inspired by  @DailyDael and @OmarNajam

Other bookkeepery rules

  • No bigotry or whatever. It’ll get removed.
  • Don’t steal art or text. It’ll get removed.
  • Don’t violate policies or your local laws. I won’t do anything about it, but someone else might.
  • Other rules may be added or appended as needed, but if you all be cool, we should be good
  • Please, charge for your game once it’s done. Creatives deserve to be paid for their work.
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Beta-test for a Cyberpunk D&D 5e supplement. Lots more content to add