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Theme: Space & Cosmos

You’re welcome to interpret it however you wish, but if you need some ideas to kickstart your creativity, think about how your game could have been discovered and played by the aliens on the Voyager probe when it enters the Interstellar Space.

Development Environment: any language that runs on GameShell 

Specification of the ClockworkPi GameShell device could be found on, and Kickstarter.

Deadline: must submit your game by Feb. 28, 2019

(Please follow this official ClockworkPi forum thread for participation application, rules and details)

Reward: CPI points* (based on Ethereum)

  • TOP1: 2000 points
  • TOP2: 1600 points
  • TOP3: 1000 points
  • Best Story: 1000 points
  • Best Music: 1000 points
  • Best Tech: 1000 points

* Every 200 CPI points can exchange one GameShell kit. (CPI points are not redeemable for cash)

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