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In the last couple of years, awareness of mental health has increased. However, there’s still lots of work to do. In the workplace, mental health illnesses are still not recognized in the same way as physical illnesses and talking about it is still difficult for many people. With this game jam, we want to open up the conversation by building some creative games around this important topic. We need your help! 



Mental Health


Mental Health Illnesses


Coping Mechanisms 


Breaking walls




When: 17th Feb - 23rd Feb

The Game Jam will run for a week . In that period, make some time to work on your entry but please be aware that you need to sleep and take care of yourself.

Where: online

The Game Jam will be exclusively online, so you are free to choose where you want to work.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate and everyone is encouraged to participate. In Game Jams all the roles are pretty useful!


What can you make?

Any game you want, that can be downloadable. We are also admitting board games submitted in pdf format.


It’s your first jam? Don’t you know any coding but want to try and make something?

Check these engines:






A selection of games will be curated for an exhibition at Somerset House in London during London Games Festival in April 2020. Participants selected will be contacted by us. 

Judgement criteria

The main criteria for judging the entries are: use of theme, gameplay, narrative, art, audio and originality.



Osama Dorias - Lead Game Designer Warner Bros Montreal

Eline Muijres - Producer Mi'Pu'Mi Games

Adam Campbell- Product Manager at Azoomee Kids

Giada Zavarise - Journalist at Rock Paper Shotgun

Gareth Williams - Co-Founder of Safe in Our World 



- The organization will have the right to remove contents from the Jam that perpetrate discrimination or hate. Any author creating this kind of content will immediately be excluded.

- We don’t accept any discriminatory content or hate-themed creations. The punishment for inappropriate content based on these rules will be the immediate removal from the Game Jam.

- This Jam does not endorse crunch. Please, work a reasonable number of hours and take care of yourself.

- Participants can't submit games made before the game jam's starting date. 

- Enjoy!



Join the community we created specifically for this Jam and find help and inspiration.


Which charities are GamesAid supporting over 2019?

- Everyone Can

- Access Sport

- Autistica

- SpecialEffect


- The Clock Tower Sanctuary

- Lifelites


With your help, either making games or donating for this cause, we are able to help these and other organizations to change the lives of many, many people. We need you!


We are able to help our charities every year thanks to the generosity of people like you. Please, consider to support us through or Just Giving page. Any contribution makes a big difference! 

Social Media

The hashtag for the jam is #GamesAidMHJam. You are also helping us by sharing your progress on social media!



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We are looking for people and organizations to support us! If you are interested, contact us via email.


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Saying some things can be very hard
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Find the balance between your obligations and passions while taking care of yourself
Interactive Fiction
A game about finding yourself after being close to someone abusive.
Interactive Fiction
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A short interactive tale about personal growth through bad experiences.
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It feels like drowning. Should I Sink / Swim?
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Spoons - Self Care Practice!
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A game about social anxiety made for #GamesAidMHJam 2020.
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Type something nice to help the octopus to get happy again.
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Don't Get Stuck in Your Own Head
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put yourself in someone else's shoes
Role Playing
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(twine) the beast returns to you in the night
Interactive Fiction
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An interactive story exploring addiction, loneliness, and caring for someone else at the end of their life.
Interactive Fiction
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Little & fast cooperative game about mental health and good habits.
Your daily plant-based meditation
A game about a person with agoraphobia.
Visual Novel
A short game about daily life with mental illness. Made for the 2020 #GamesAidMHJam.
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Spending a day in the park and making some friends.
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