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Anybody can make a game. This is about making something that is technically playable, but really tests whether anyone would or should want to.

The goal is to do some nonsense for April Fool's Day. Big game companies get to have ridiculously limited windows of time for games to be available, so why not us indies?


  • Make the project (game, album, book, whatever) within the timeframe of the jam. I'm not a cop though; if you've already got something and just want to put it up here I ain't stopping you, but it has to keep to the other rules.
  • The project must be available for sale only on April 1st, at least until the end of 2021. Timezones are a hassle though so I won't come after you if it's up for an extra day or whatever.
  • The project must be posted with a $1 price at minimum; no free games here.

Bonus points if the game is only playable while it's April 1st! Deadline is April 2nd at midnight PST because I want to make sure people have time to submit their game and have it be visible.


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blame everybody else - a mingleplayer masocore platformer
Please don't buy this
Dont play it
Play in browser
An April Fool's Day Hell.
Role Playing