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"Games & Politics" is a touring exhibition by the Goethe-Institut, organized with local partners in 11 different cities in Southeast-Europe over the last two years, focusing on politically or socially engaged digital games. 

The 48 hour "Games & Politics" game jam in Thessaloniki completes the tour, inviting game developers from the cities  where the exhibition was presented, to develop their own games during a unique regional Game Jam. The theme of the game jam is "Change".

The game jam, which took place on September 9-11th 2019,  was organised by Goethe-Institut and hosted at at LABattoir.

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Curators / Moderators

Lorenzo Pilia
Producer at indie game studio Maschinen-Mensch and programme manager for A MAZE. / Berlin festival. Also member of the Global Game Jam executive committee, founder of, organiser of Talk & Play and part of the Saftladen Indie Game Collective in Berlin.

Güven Çatak
Founder and Director of Bahçeşehir University Game Lab (BUG) which started as a community centre for the indie game developers in İstanbul and has become an educational platform with its game design programmes, production spaces and events.

Guest contributor: Maria Saridaki
Artistic director Trust in Play, Athens. Holding a PHD on Playful Interactions, she also works on applied gaming, inclusive games-based learning, storytelling, propaganda and info games, location-based games, LARPs, pervasive and urban play and community building through playfulness. 

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A short question-based about your days in charge of a fantastic island.
Interactive Fiction
We follow the little puffin on his journey where he is challenged by the ever changing climate.
A short story about a hero tries to balance work and life
Play in browser
A bunch of guys on an island - will they like each other?
Games and Politics Game Jam Project
A country where change is constant and mandatory.
Constant Change TV is an experimental project, revolving around the concept of shaping Reality.
The board game that will challenge your perception of value.