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Hello!  I'm susceptible to accidentally spending the entire week glued to Twitch, so I made this game jam as an excuse to do something constructive at the same time.  You can join in too!

Just make a game during AGDQ!  This is really low-pressure — "make" and "game" are both pretty fuzzy.  Really, do whatever you want.

The jam runs from the moment SGDQ starts until 24 hours after it ends, according to the final state of the GDQ schedule.  (It gets updated over the course of the week, and always ends up running late by a few hours.)

There are no rules and everyone wins!  But please do play your fellow devs' games.

If you need a theme, well, my birthday is this week...!  Or you could try this game jam theme generator.

If you've never made a game before, this is a great time to give it a shot.  Expectations are not high for a jam themed around "make a game while you're distracted doing something else".  Consider any of these whatsits:

  • Ren'Py, for visual novels
  • Twine, for choose your own adventures
  • PuzzleScript, for tile-based puzzle games
  • MegaZeux, for adventure games with a classic DOS aesthetic (but playable on the web)
  • Bitsy, for microscopic journeys
  • GBStudio, for Game Boy games, but more easily than doing it from scratch

Or you could make levels for an existing game:

Or you could hit up the Discord if you want more ideas, or to find a team, or whatever.  Y'know, just, like, whatever.


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Puzzle game
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A terribly brief space adventure
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one-page solo rpg where you are a nurse and it's covid o'clock
Just another backrooms game...
An evening on the World Wide Web of 200X
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In development
A Lexy's Labyrinth level pack
Like an antigravity racer before they figured out how to steer
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#JoeBezos #Gameboy555rIndustrys
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Games Made Qviick
Role Playing
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Snake game for CHIP-8
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