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the game(s) jam is an experiment to see what happens when you put two games together. whatever your method: pick pieces carefully, do game welding, mash them together until it's something new. submissions can be full games or just text documents outlining a design space. combine as many games as you like!

this jam is open to all mediums, but was made with tabletop and physical roleplaying games in mind. 


your work should be searchable on! please tag your tech pack with #gamesjam.  adding tags from the following categories: what does this need (2d6, tarot cards, custom hex map) and what does this do (social combat, metacurrency, nuanced resolution). additionally, use whatever tags you feel are most appropriate for your work. 


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A game about rebellion, resistance, and revolution
a 16-bit final fantasy rpg
One page Conspiracy horror Ttrpg combining Cobwebs with Roll For Clues
a game of medieval animal warfare
a rules-light flavour-light TTRPG
High seas adventures aboard ratfolk pirate ships!
A one-page Lost & Found hack of Wordle
draw a map with codenames.
Tabletop game inspired by classic horror videogame franchise.
Can you find the truth?
dodge the boxes
Play in browser
A solo journaling game about exploring the galaxy and yourself.
A high fantasy game about saving the world