This jam is now over. It ran from 2016-11-30 05:00:00 to 2016-12-25 05:00:00.

"Some day in 21st century, the earth was attached by exotic."


During time of 2003nd, there were a handheld games called "GameKing" create by Timetop Hong Kong. It were massive unsuccess and didn't a sell but years later Inter Net reviewer "Ashens" rediscover library of classic game to post for funny on internet. GameKing uses large chunk of graphic for the screens and sampled sound but most interesting were back of box descrpition written in English which were translationed from poorly. They speaked of object in game which had not existed, among another aburdities such as the bad speakand spell.

"Have you gone to the south pole? Do you watch the penguin running?"


We are all together to make the game base on description on back of packabge and maybe even game type. We will bring GameKing into next generation of play and excitement using the tool of the 21st century. No longer the small screen of block and lowquaity sound anymore. Today is future and now can anyone be creators of game. Unless want to, willn't judge.

"The game adopt amusement and fictitious manner to describe the launch and blast of rocket feichuan VI."


This Game Jam is based around the infamous GameKing handheld console. Using the comically ridiculous back-of-package descriptions featured in each game for the system, your job is to create an experience that more closely resembles what the devs promised as opposed to what we got (though you can use the original gameplay from them as a base as well).

OR, if you're so inclined, you can do the exact opposite and make your OWN original game using Game King-like specifications! The screen resolution is 48x32, with 8 khz. sampled audio, and 4-color B&W graphics. Have fun, or something.

You can use any game creation tool/engine/language you want, just make sure it meets the submission details.

"In 2068, the evil's strength turnsstrong gradually, and the wild ambition of dominating the earth of is reliving."


Game King Review (Linked above)

Game King Showcase (Showcases a fair chunk of the library, as well as the game descriptions)

Brian Provinciano's Game King Research (, site is down. Features reviews of various Game King games and techincal details.)

Game King: Story Briefs II (Garry's Mod video, features Game King games not mentioned in Ashens' videos)


"The fans of racing-ar, lets take action and go to experience the stimulus of car racing together!"