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GameJamPlus is a global collaborative movement that aims to turn games into business, being the entrance for professionals in various fields.

The main objective of GJ + is to foster the creative economy industry with new games and companies, combining the interests of different types of developers in the world, showing the potential of independent games, stimulating the notion of gaming as a business for developers, whether reproducing market situations or connecting with major players in the industry. 

In its seventh edition on 22/23, it will feature 100 cities worldwide (in 30 countries), more than 2000 participants, 400 projects (+120 incubated over 8 months) and 1,000 volunteers. GJ + 2022 lasts for 7 months, starting in October, is divided into 4 stages . 

You can sign up now and secure your seat at GameJamPlus 2022!

Choose the headquarters closest to you, call your friends and come build new games with us in the biggest competitive game creation marathon in the world!

What is a Game Jam?

 A Game Jam is an event in which developers gather in teams and make games from zero in the span of a few days, usually about 48 hours straight.

What do I need to participate? Do I need to have experience?

 There is absolutely no need to have prior experience making games, it’s not a veteran-exclusive event. Granted you can contribute to the making of the game, you will be welcomed!

Remember we have mentors exactly to help you.

Do I need to be in a team already?

 It is not mandatory to already be in a team. We will do icebreaking and activities at the beginning of the event to make sure everyone is in a team, so there is no risk of being left out. But if you already have friends who will participate and want to go with a formed team, that’s ok as well!

*Transit and stay costs for finals are not Global Organization responsibility. Consult your local organizer if the costs will be covered or not.

*The Global Organization is responsible for the production and execution of the Finals and for the awarding of the international victors.

*The local organizations are responsible for the production and execution of the regional events.