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What is this?

You may have heard of a chatbot AI recently called ChatGPT, developed and published by OpenAI. If you haven't, it's made by the creators of GPT-3 and Dalle-2, the AI text and image generators, respectively. Point is, it's an incredibly powerful AI - powerful enough to write and troubleshoot code! I wanted to see the limits of its capability, so I created jamGPT with some friends. It's a way to get into coding or a side project for a week, or really whatever you want it to be.

What are the rules?

  1. All code must come from ChatGPT. If a piece of code it gives you doesn't work and you can't get it to make it work, then you may modify the code only enough to make it function as intended.
  2. Visuals, audio, and any other assets may come from anywhere or at any time. As long as all the code comes from ChatGPT, anything else is fair game if it's legally and ethically sourced. This means AI image generation is banned - most models are trained on stolen art. If you want to use premade or for-sale assets, go for it.
  3. Teams are welcome! Again, as long as all the code originally comes from the AI, anything else legal and ethical is fair game.
  4. You may use any language. If ChatGPT can write in it, it's good enough for this jam.
  5. We're trusting you not to cheat. Please follow all of the rules listed above. If you have any ideas for other rules, post them under the community tab.

Will there be judging?

Voting can be done by anybody who's joined the jam or anybody who's listed as a contributor. You don't have to submit a game to vote, this is just to prevent duplicate accounts. Provided there are enough games, I will be streaming rating the games on Twitch the Sunday the submission period ends, probably starting sometime between 1:00 and 2:00 PM EST.

Have fun, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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Destroy everything you see
Made by Artixeo and ChatGPT
Play in browser
Quiz about A.I. and robots.
Play in browser
Made by Artixeo and ChatGPT
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Small game fully generated by ChatGPT
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Esta hecho completamente por IA!!!!!