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This jam is for all those who want to see sweet, pixellated ladies having cool adventures in a retro style reminiscent of the glory days of handheld gaming!

1) The game must feature a female protagonist, if there are multiple protagonists the female protagonist must be at least equally important.

1) Controls should involve the same number of button inputs as the GB/GBC (A, B, START, SELECT, 4-directional pad) or GBA (A, B, L, R, START, SELECT, 4-directional pad).
2) Native resolution should be 160x144px for GB/GBC-esque games and 240x160px for GBA
3) 2-bit (greyscale) pallet for GB,  15-bit for GBC and GBA 

Note that these are only guidelines, and if you want to go beyond these while keeping with the spirit of the jam you should feel free to do so!


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simple, GBC-style side-scrolling brawler
A retro, rogue-lite, dungeon crawler. As a mermaid named Seika, discover the hidden mystery of the underwater cave.
Cards, dices & robot-building !
A game made for the GameGirlJam.
Play in browser
for gamegirl jam
Quick 'game' made for GameGirl Jam
Quick and easy visual novel for the gamegirl jam.
Visual Novel