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Well met, Adventurer!    

Welcome to the Eighth GameDevNetwork jam, Honeydew Jam! 

Theme: Where is Everybody?

What is this 'GameDevNetwork' you speak of?

GameDevNetwork (GDN) is a community for anyone with an interest in game development, whether they're a AAA veteran programmer or someone that loves writing the ins and outs of game plots / mechanics.

Whether you're looking for an extra teammate for a project, need help squashing that pesky bug or just want some feedback on your latest pixel art masterpiece, we're here! 

What is a game jam and why should I bother participating?

Game jams are all about creativity, teamwork and experimentation! Don't be afraid to fail, as long as you enjoy yourself and create something, you're a winner and you have a new tale to tell.  Maybe you'll stumble upon the next viral hit, maybe you'll create a buggy mess that's still entertaining as hell to play, either of those outcomes results in you creating something.

Not only does participating in a game jam give you the chance to flex your creativity and build on your portfolio, you get the opportunity to talk to other jammers, get feedback and make connections. Everyone from AAA studios to students regularly participate in jams for a reason, be part of that group going the ๐ŸŒŸ extra mile๐ŸŒŸ

Oh, and winners will receive some cool prizes, see below

I don't have a team!

No team? No problem! Check out the page CrowdForge set up for us! Sign up for a team and chat to your fellow jammers

The process 

1) Join our Discord server:
2) Say hi! Or don't, and lurk in #gamejam and keep up to date with all the jammy news
3) ??? 
4) Games!

You'll have from Friday 6th 00:00 GMT until Sunday 15th 23:59 GMT to create and submit your game.  You hold all rights to anything created during the jam.


Q: Can I have NSFW Content?
A: No, sorry!

Q: Can I use old assets / assets from <pack here>
A: Feel free to use free assets, just remember to credit the source!

Q: Which engines can I use?
A: Any engine you like, use whatever you feel the most comfortable with.

Q: What's the maximum team size?
A: 4

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Ask in our Discord server! (

GoPublix Game Media Relations


We are thrilled to announce that the winning team will receive a 3 hour PR Planning and Consulting session with the fantastic GoPublix Game Media Relations.  * She will help you coordinate your press kit, explain the important key collateral and information you need to have.  * A full review of your game positioning, along with advisory on how to pitch the press.

GameDevNetwork Stickers

In addition, members of the winning team will each receive a high-quality die-cut GameDevNetwork sticker, we don't do that cheap stuff here! Postage is free! Winners will also receive a fancy role on the server to celebrate jam prowess.


BUT WAIT! There's more

The biggest reward for participating in jams is the fact that you have created something, in recognition of all of you wonderful people, we'll be giving away three of our highly prized stickers to random participants!

If you've made it this far you've already met any requirements to take part. Now get out there and make something awesome you crazy dev you! 

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We're totally voluntary run and work super hard to put awesome gamedev events on / bring attention to various other jams outside of our own.  I have covered the costs of stickers/shipping thus far personally, and I am happy to do so.  If you like what we do and want to support us, consider our Patreon page: 
We have staff polls on any use of Patreon funds and take nothing for ourselves, it goes directly into hosting awesome events like this. (Pledges also get a cool name colour on the GDN Discord Server!) 


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Not your typical common detective game.
Role Playing
A freakish game about finding everybody, & connecting. See the game's main page for post-jam build links..
A survival zombie game
Endless Mario Kart, but with a Spaceship