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GameDevClub Holiday Jam

Casual community gamejam aimed at testing new ideas. 

Game jam's Theme is "Magic, but at what cost?"


Time limits

The game and all the assets have to be made within the timeframe(48h).


Participants are allowed to form teams, with a maximum team size 4. 
Each participant can only be part of one team.


All assets have to be made within the game jam's time limits.
Of course there some exceptions.
CC0 art/3D models/music/sfx/fonts can be used. (We don't want to discourage solo developers who want to participate)
If you use cc0 assets you have to mention them in the game's description/credits section

No offensive/NSFW content

This includes racism, hate speech, NSFW(adult/gore) content.

Game Ranking Criteria

Each game will be voted based on their:

  1. Aesthetics/Graphics
  2. Enjoyable Gameplay
  3. Music
  4. Theme
  5. Story


Steam key to 'Cook, Serve, Delicious!'

You will be given a special 'gamedev winner'  role in Game Dev Club's Discord server


How do I know when the game jam starts?

Answer: You can check the countdown in the game jam's page or you can convert the starting time to your local hour. 

What if we don't make it in time. We put so much effort in this game.

Answer: If you are late and didn't submit your game on contact a Host and we will be glad to help you. (look at the "GameDevClub Holiday Jam Hosts" section)

"GameDevClub Holiday Jam" Hosts

This game jam was brought to you by:

  1. Game Dev Club
  2. The awesome Mischa
  3. and DimiTry(DimiTry's_Discord_Here)
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Magic, but at what cost?
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