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Homestuck's 11th birthday is coming up and this means that a lot of art is going to be made, if it isn't in the process of creation already! With the advent of pesterquest, hiveswap, openbound, and many other interactive experiences from homestuck proper, games are not only integral to the storytelling and universe, but to the fandom as well. The homestuck fandom has a long history of creating games that are based on content in the comics, and this is no different! If you have a game you have previously created and would like to showcase on itchio, or you want to work within the time constraints for the submission period, now the time's to do it!


  1. Must be homestuck related. It can include fan or OC content, but it must relate to homestuck, pesterquest, or hiveswap!
  2. Mature themes ARE okay, but they must be clearly marked as so. Games that have heavy sexual content are not allowed.
  3. You can use any game engine you want, but just make sure that supports it.
  4. You CAN upload games that have been made prior to this, they just must be marked as such.

This jam will be voted on by the public, anyone is allowed to vote for games in this jam! Voting will end on 4/13 at Midnight. (Subject to Change.)

Submissions will be judged on 5 criteria: Art, Spirit of the Comic, Story Telling, Humor, and Judge's choice..

Prizes are TBD. 

Submissions end at midnight on 4/12.


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Katy goes on a quest. Time shenanigans ensue.
A homestuck fan-epilogue
Interactive Fiction
yes sir, we are under siege by planet fucking jupiter
a homestuck whodunnit
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A simplified simulation of the Strife system used in the TTRPG SKRUB.
Made for the Homestuck Game Jam!
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A Homestuck single-player fighting game
Homestuck themed card game
Card Game
A pretentious unofficial Pesterquest continuation/sidestory.
Visual Novel
Snake-like game inspired by Homestuck's LOWAS walkarounds
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The heat? Relentless. Dave? Thirsty. The Apple Juice? That's for you to find out.
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