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This is the official page of the 2023 GameUp Africa Game Developers' Bootcamp. 

After a five-month program, our trained game developers will be submitting the projects they have worked hard to complete on this page. 

OBJECTIVE: To give all our trainees a platform where they can have their games published and played widely. 



  1. Game title
  2. Comprehensive description of the game- back story and general player objectives 
  3. Game logo/icon (in good HD quality)
  4. Screenshots of the title's gameplay 
  5. The game MUST be submitted as an apk file.

Submission: Submit on this page, find a guide: Game Launch Complete Guide PDF


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Embark on an epic RPG journey in "Chronicles of the Gods," where Nigerian dialogue meets thrilling adventure.
A simple racing game
Embark on a thrilling adventure in 'Cross the Road,' a captivating Unity game that puts your reflexes to the test!
Lead your hero to victory in FREE TERRITORY, a real-time strategy and combat game. Reconquer territory!
Explore skies in 'SkyGlide Adventure': Pilot, dodge, collect, and conquer challenges!
Survive the endless horde!
Tai Chronicles, a 2D action game. Control Tai the Ninja as he faces five trials to become the ultimate ninja
Rampage Arena is a pulse-pounding shooting game that thrusts players into the heart of intense combat.
Guide a spirited penguin through a vibrant woodland, dodging obstacles in this thrilling endless runner adventure
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