This jam is now over. It ran from 2023-04-08 07:00:00 to 2023-04-17 07:00:00. View 216 entries

Making game is hard, and making games in short period of time is even harder (at least for me). So I thought, what if we make games without making a game?

Introducing the Mockup Game Jam, where you just draw, 3d model, design or just create mockup for a game that may never exists. Invent ambitious idea, without having to worry about actually completing it. Illustrate compelling mechanics or abstract and uncomprehensible imagery to awe your audience.


Create 1-4 fake screenshot of your non-game in any medium you prefer, either as static png or animated looping gif. You may aid yourself with an game engine to create what you want. Feel free to include assets for it.

If this jam has any success, I was thinking to make a follow-up jam where you can continue any of the submission of this jam and make a full game out of what has been create.
On this regard, I'd ask for any submission to include a license to indicate if you consent to create any derivative game with your work.
If you do, you may use a license like CC-BY-NC or even CC-BY if you are feeling generous (use any of the license you can see fit, here some examples from Creative Commons).
If you don't, please include that you refuse to create derivative work in your submission description.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Videos and non-looping gifs are not allowed. Also the non-game must be new and you cannot use previous project for this.


1) You can't use AI generated crap, keep it out of this jam.
2) Don't submit anything that promotes bigotry, racism, hate and all that bad music.
3) NSFW is NOT allowed.
4) Multiple submissions are allowed, if you are feeling creative enough :)


By popular demand, I decided to add some themes to use as inspiration. Use as many as you like, but remember: You do not need to follow any of these, if you want to follow your dreams.

1) Wow, it's fantasy, I see dragons and knights from here.
2) Why am I submerged by UI, it's everywhere.
3) We are in 3d, but actually it's all just cleverly painted.
4) Lethal sports, you die but it's fun!
5) Chilly, cozy, you just get serotinin from these flowers and friends.
6) Local hero is too furious to be stopped.
7) Gotta collect all the cute critters/toys/stickers.
8) Why making assets when I can download CC0 photos, scale them down and put a funny filter and make it look good anyway?
9) Is this a quirky indie game about emotions?
10) Meet hot single eldritch space entities in you local galaxy.