This jam is now over. It ran from 2016-07-03 16:00:00 to 2016-07-10 07:29:59.

Ever wanted to make a game FAST? And then ever wanted people to play that game FAST? Well now is your chance with the first ever, spur of the moment, Game Jam Done Quick.

While not affiliated with "Games Done Quick", we do hope to help spread the word for their great cause.

The idea of this Jam is to create a game friendly to speed runners, yet challenging enough for competition. The rules will be light, because you'll need to make your game FAST!

You will have until the last runner finishes the last game at the GDQ this Jam runs congruently to. (LackAttack24 is planned to finish Super Mario RPG around 12 - 1 am on the 9th/10th.)

Work in teams, alone, or maybe make some new friends.

Feel free to use work you've already worked on, or assets that are open to use. (If you don't own it, make sure you can legally use it first) The idea is to be fast and friendly, so don't feel pressured to make something new, but I wonder how fast your can implement that neat mechanic...

If your new to the idea of speed running, or making games, here are some helpful ideas.

  • Does your game have an in game timer? The easier it is for people to measure themselves the better the competition can grow.
  • Are there multiple ways finish the game? Having different categories such as 100% or any% might lead to more possibilities for runners to enjoy.
  • Does your game have something interesting about it that would make it appealing to speed runners? Most runners love anything that can make them FAST! Risky movement, or a unique mechanic can help people coming back for more trying to get that best time.
  • Make sure you finish! Any% is better than Zero%. You can't reset and try again, so make sure your project is marathon safe and your scope is manageable.

This Jam in itself in non-competitive (but the game afterward should be for best time), and if participating I urge you to take full use of all the wonderful resources around you. GDQ's are a great time for runners to get together, so use that to get as much feedback as you can about your project from actual people. Runners often love getting involved with the devs, so it might just make their day if you give them a peak behind the curtain that is game development. Their art is playing games, and our art is making them. If we can bring that together I am sure we can make some beautiful things.

Happying Jamming, Running, Good Luck, and most of all... HYPE!!!